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Around the World in 80 Days  
Olney Theatre Center Around the World in 80 Days
Join the Olney Theatre Center's National Players on the adventure of a lifetime. It's 1872, and fearless adventurer Phileas Fogg has agreed to an outrageous wager in which he'll attempt to circle the globe in just 80 days - unheard of! Aided by his wily servant, Passepartout, the two immediately set out into a world without airplanes or the internet - but with plenty of bandits, buffalos, winter storms and meddlesome members of Scotland Yard. Will Fogg win his cash prize, or will the obstacles he encounters steal too many precious hours and doom the daring adventure? Full of daring rescues, brash duels and unexpected romance, this stage adaptation of Jules Verne's classic Around the World in 80 Days is a trip you won't soon forget.
The Children  
Studio Theatre The Children
In their remote cottage on the British coast, a long-married pair of retired nuclear physicists live a modest life in the aftermath of a natural disaster, giving scrupulous care to energy rationing, their garden and their yoga practice. When former colleague Rose reappears after 38 years, her presence upends the couple's equilibrium and trust. As the fallout from long-ago decisions comes hurtling into view, Rose unveils a proposal that threatens more than their marriage. A hit in London and New York, Lucy Kirkwood's latest is a taut and disquieting thriller about responsibility and reparation - about what one generation owes the next. Enjoy The Children at the Studio Theatre in Washington, DC.
Escape from Peligro Island  
Imagination Stage Escape from Peligro Island
Callaway Brown- an unlikely young hero- has been stranded on a desert island, and it's up to YOU to decide what happens next! In this interactive production, audience members vote on Callaway's actions in an energetic romp through time and space.
Fame, The Musical...En Espanol and English  
GALA Hispanic Theatre Fame, The Musical...En Espanol and English
In this Latinx reimagining of the off-Broadway hit, which was based on the 1980 movie, a diverse group of ambitious, young hopefuls dream of stardom as they deal with life, love, and a tragedy at a prestigious high school for the performing arts.
God of Carnage  
Keegan Theatre God of Carnage
God of Carnage, Yasmina Reza's comedy of (bad) manners, begins with two couples meeting to work things out after a playground altercation between their children. As the evening progresses, their behavior goes from civilized to outrageous as each couple tries to pin the blame on the other for the incident. From cutting dialogue to broad physical comedy, God of Carnage will defy your expectations at every turn, becoming more hilarious with each scene. Find out just how thin the line between civility and brutality is in this Keegan Theatre production.
Toby's Dinner Theatre - Columbia Grease
One of the world's favorite musicals hits the stage in a high-octane production featuring all the hit songs you love, including: "Summer Nights," "You're the One That I Want," "Hopelessly Devoted To You" and "Greased Lightning." Danny, Sandy and the coolest gang of students from Rydell High take you back to the 1950's when drive-in movies, sock-hops and tough talkin' Pink Ladies defined a generation. Grease and Toby's go together like a wop bam boom!
Honky Tonk Laundry  
The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater Honky Tonk Laundry
Move over, Thelma and Louise! When Lana Mae Hopkins, owner and proprietress of the Wishy Washy Washateria, hires Katie to help out in the laundromat, they soon find themselves up to their elbows in soap, suds and cheatin' hearts. Watch these two country angels join forces to turn their good ol' laundromat into a bootscootin' honky-tonk, exacting a touch of revenge against those that done 'em wrong, all while guaranteeing every customer a good, clean time! Take a ride to Nashville heaven in this new musical from Roger Bean (The Marvelous Wonderettes, Life Could Be A Dream), featuring the music of Carrie Underwood, Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Sara Evans, Dixie Chicks, Chely Wright, Dolly Parton, Pam Tillis, Gretchen Wilson, Terri Cark, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. Your ticket at The Washington County Playhouse in Hagerstown includes dinner.
The Importance of Being Earnest  
Silver Spring Stage The Importance of Being Earnest
One of the cleverest comedies by one of the greatest writers in the English language, The Importance of Being Earnest has delighted audiences since its premiere in 1885. Oscar Wilde's scintillating, hilarious work introduces us to two charming bachelors who are each living a double life, aided by a fictional alter ego called "Ernest." But the two fall truly in love with a pair of proper young women - both of whom are partial to men named Ernest. Wicked wit and dead-on social satire are wrapped in a confection of dual identities, matrimonial matters, and the provenance of a particular handbag.
Arena Stage Jubilee
The world-renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers shattered racial barriers in the U.S. and abroad, entertaining kings and queens. For centuries, the bold a cappella African American ensemble born on the campus of Fisk University has blended their rich voices together sharing a heritage of suffering, strength and endurance. "A known showman" with a "gift for stirring theatricality" (Washington Post), playwright and director Tazewell Thompson brings an innovative and heart-stirring score to life in this world premiere. With uplifting spirituals and hymns including "Wade in the Water," "Ain't That Good News," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," this a cappella performance with more than three dozen songs, sure to ignite audiences.
Anacostia Playhouse Klytmnestra
A priestess enters a cemetery suffused with the shades and apparitions of black culture. Yet she conjures the spirits of a different sort - Orestes, Iphigenia and Klytmnestra. This dynamic one-woman slam poem, presented at D.C.'s Anacostia Playhouse, is a saga of strong women, the men who seek to destroy them, and the dangerous extremes this kind of society can reach if left unchecked. Fusing Kabuki, African dance and Greek myth, Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poem is a dynamic retelling of the classic tale written to vindicate a mother slain by her own son's hand.
Love's Labor's Lost  
Folger Theatre Love's Labor's Lost
A young king and his three compatriots renounce the company of women in favor of scholarly pursuits. Their pact is immediately jeopardized, however, when the Princess of France and her companions arrive. Will the men stand resolute and keep their monastic vows, or surrender to the charms of the opposite sex? Shakespeare's delicious comedy is full of lovers and clowns, foolery and the follies of the heart - and there's nothing quite like seeing it live. Experience Love's Labor's Lost Folger Theatre in D.C.
Mary Stuart  
Olney Theatre Center Mary Stuart
The two most powerful women of the 16th Century - Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots - are on an explosive collision course in this thrilling drama of sex, power, intrigue and betrayal. Pressured by the men of her court, who desperately want her to marry and ensure the succession, the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I must decide whether to put her cousin, the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, to death. As she tries to keep her fragile hold on both the realm and her conscience, a country fights to define itself. Artistic Director Jason Loewith adapts Schiller's classic clash of titans for the #MeToo world with six extraordinary performers and the barest of sets in an intimate performance space at the Olney Theatre Center.
The Member of the Wedding  
1st Stage Theatre The Member of the Wedding
In 1945 rural Georgia, the long, hot days of summer bring struggle, longing, and opportunity for 12-year-old Frankie Addams and her family's housekeeper Bernice Sadie Brown. Frankie longs to escape with her newlywed brother on adventures in the Alaskan wilderness. Bernice struggles to balance enduring the deeply entrenched racism of the rural South with her role as surrogate mother to Frankie and her 6-year-old cousin. Adapted from the beloved novel of the same name, this evocative, poetic coming of age drama explores the pains of youth and the meaning of family.
The Oresteia  
Sidney Harman Hall The Oresteia
Called the father of tragedy, Greek playwright Aeschylus wrote more than 70 plays in his lifetime. Of those, only seven have survived. Lucky for us, among those seven lies his greatest work, The Oresteia, a trilogy of Greek tragedies that brilliantly explores themes of vengeance, justice and the influence of the gods. Through 10 years of war, grief and rage, Queen Clytemnestra lies in wait for her husband Agamemnon's return, determined to avenge one child, only to doom the others. The Oresteia chronicles a violence that can only be stopped when society peers into its own soul and sees the depths of its complicity. Playwright Ellen McLaughlin, whom Tony Kushner has called "a dramatist of courage, intelligence, wit and lyricism," has written a new version of the classic, weaving together the works of Aeschylus with stunning poetry and emotional heft. Experience this timeless classic live at Sidney Harman Hall in D.C.
Queens Girl in Africa  
Everyman Theatre Queens Girl in Africa
Performed for the first time as a two-play repertory with Jennings's Queens Girl in the World, Queens Girl in Africa follows the infectiously spirited Jacqueline Marie Butler as she finds herself at a crossroads of personal and political upheaval when her family ups and moves to Nigeria following the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X (a close personal family friend). Entertaining and uplifting, Queens Girl in Africa captures an unforgettable moment in time for a teenager abroad-when questions of self and place intertwine with the realities of homework and hormones as Jacqueline assuredly, hilariously navigates the energy, excitement, and unpredictability of the 1960s.
Queens Girl in the World  
Everyman Theatre Queens Girl in the World
Performed for the first time as a two-play repertory with Caleen Sinnette Jennings's Queens Girl in Africa, Queens Girl in the World chronicles the misadventures of bright-eyed, brown-skinned Jacqueline Marie Butler, whose sudden transfer from a protective, middle class late-1950s upbringing in Queens to a progressive, predominantly-Jewish private school in Greenwich Village, adds comical confusion to her already quizzical, fish-out-of-water adolescence. Lively and poignant-and punctuated with the irresistible sound of Motown-Queens Girl in the World tags along for a young woman's journey of self-discovery, at the onset of Civil Rights-era social change.
The Reluctant Dragon  
Keegan Theatre The Reluctant Dragon
Adapted from the book by Kenneth Grahame, a peace and poetry loving dragon gets blamed for a village's bad luck in this family production about an unlikely friendship. A charming tale, this play for young people embraces the dramatic power of what happens when misunderstanding escalates into prejudice and violence at the Keegan Theatre.
Richard III  
Synetic Theater Richard III
Synetic Theater's theatrical athletes present a modern, cyber-punk adaptation of Shakespeare's classic, Richard III. As our physical and cyber worlds become more entwined - and our lives as a whole more automated and impersonal - do we lose connection and empathy? What happens when technology obscures our own humanity and the humanity of those around us? Highlighting the terrifying extremes made possible through the abuse of modern technology, the 14th installment in Paata Tsikurishvili's Shakespeare Series explores King Richard III's Machiavellian rise to power in a movement-driven and action-packed display of stunning physicality and powerful visuals. See it at Synetic Theater at Crystal City.
Snow White  
The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater Snow White
The Witch was the fairest one of all first, and she will not be silenced any longer! This updated version of the classic Snow White story unveils the villain's perspective, from her tragic childhood to her quest for revenge. So how did the story really go? Join all seven quirky dwarves, a tongue-tied prince, a sassy mirror, a dancing chicken, and of course Snow White herself in this Theater For Young Audiences tale about beauty, friendship and happily-ever-afters with a twist. This show at The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater includes a kid-approved lunch.
Atlas Performing Arts Center Sooner/Later
When teenage Lexie helps her reluctant single mother Nora re-enter the dating scene, an unlikely suitor emerges in Griff - the guy at the coffee shop who has inadvertently witnessed Nora's string of unsuccessful dates. As choices collide with coincidences and longing mixes with reality, each character must face the complications that always arise while trying to balance the search for intimacy with the closeness of family. This captivating world premiere with a metaphysical twist navigates the paths of romance, marriage and parenting while exploring the pains and pleasures of all three. ​See it at Atlas Performing Arts Center courtesy of the Mosaic Theater Company of DC.
Signature Theatre Spunk
An unearthly Guitar Man and Blues Speak Woman tantalizingly interweave three tales of the early 20th century African American experience, from the fierce determination of a resilient washerwoman, to the zoot suit struts of 1940s Harlem, to the bittersweet innocence of young married love.
The Kennedy Center Tosca
She lives for art. She dies for love. In Puccini's sure-fire favorite, Tosca, a fiery prima donna struggles to free her true love from the clutches of a wicked police chief. Passionate arias and truly terrific musical moments pepper a rousing score, bringing the opera's emotional extremes into sharp relief as the story rushes toward its thrilling conclusion. The crackling melodrama grabs hold from the get-go, making Tosca ideal for both newcomers and aficionados alike. With its themes of political intrigue, sexual intimidation and hypocrisy in high places, Puccini's great masterpiece, performed by the Washington National Opera, comes to The Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington, D.C.
We're Gonna Die  
Flying V Theatre at Writer's Center We're Gonna Die
Mortality may be the thing that binds us all together, but why be morbid when we can have a party instead? Join Flying V as we bring celebrated playwright Young Jean Lee's look at living life with death on the horizon to the stage! Flying V Company Member and fan favorite Farrell Parker (You, or Whatever I Can Get) fronts a live band in this mash-up performance that combines elements of a storytelling session, existential stand up routine, and rock concert to explore real-life experiences of facing down our inevitable demise. Directed by Josh Sobel, whose Chicago production drew critical acclaim and was picked up to run at Steppenwolf.
The White Snake  
Source The White Snake
In this radiant adaptation of an ancient Chinese legend, an enlightened snake spirit turns herself into a woman in order to experience the human world. There, she falls in love with a humble pharmacist's assistant, but an intolerant monk soon threatens their happiness. Evoking classic folktales like The Little Mermaid, The White Snake is a timeless romance that celebrates the values of loyalty, compassion, and forgiveness.
Winnie the Pooh  
Adventure Theatre MTC Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh would spend every day of life humming tunes and stopping frequently to eat "a little something." But today, Pooh and Piglet have to find the Heffalump, watch Rabbit scheme to rid the forest of Kanga's dreaded bathtub, and help Eeyore search for his tail. Pooh's intentions are always the best, but his passion for honey and condensed milk keeps getting him into trouble.