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Theater J at Arena Stage Actually
Tom and Amber, freshmen at Princeton University, seem to be on the same page about where their relationship is heading, until suddenly they aren't. What begins as a casual hook up turns into a Title IX hearing in which both students have everything to lose. Tackling the highly charged topic of sexual consent, this provocative new play by Anna Ziegler (Photograph 51) investigates the intersection of gender and race in campus politics today, offering a nuanced and psychologically rich portrait of a generation. Featuring Sylvia Kates and Jaysen Wright.
Constellation Theatre Company at Source Aida
With soaring ballads and exhilarating dance numbers, Aida leaves audiences moved and inspired by the power of love to transcend politics, war, and even death. Brilliantly brought to life by the renowned songwriting team of Elton John and Tim Rice (The Lion King), this legendary musical chronicles a star-crossed love triangle amongst Aida, a Nubian princess kidnapped from her country; Radames, the Egyptian captain who enslaved her people; and his fiancee Princess Amneris. As attractions intensify, Aida must choose between her heart's desire and her responsibility to lead her nation to freedom. Winner of four Tony Awards, including Best Original Score, Aida is filled with passionate storytelling, exuberant dancing and world-class staging and singing. See the classic tale of forbidden love when Constellation Theatre Company brings it to the stage of Source in Washington, D.C.
Ain't Misbehavin'  
Toby's Dinner Theatre - Columbia Ain't Misbehavin'
Toby's joint will be jumpin' with Ain't Misbehavin', one of the most popular, well-crafted revues of all time and a Tony Award winner for Best Musical. The inimitable Thomas "Fats" Waller rose to international fame during the Golden Age of the Cotton Club with his infectious swing music. Ain't Misbehavin' evokes the delightful humor and powerful energy of this 'American original' with music made famous from uptown clubs to Tin Pan Alley to Hollywood!
Silver Spring Black Box Theater Anon(ymous)
Naomi Iizuka's Anon(ymous) is a deeply human story about a young refugee separated from his mother. It's an epic journey for Anon as he traverses through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people cruel and kind, to find his family. With deep compassion, Anon(ymous) speaks to the refugee crisis, family separation, and human trafficking.
The National Theatre Beetlejuice
Catch the world premiere of the musical comedy Beetlejuice at DC's National Theatre before it bugs out to Broadway with this special Goldstar pre-sale offer. Based on the classic Tim Burton comedy and directed by Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher), this all-new show ratchets up the raunchiness way past PG-level as it follows the undead adventures of Betelgeuse, aka Beetlejuice, aka the afterlife's leading freelance bio-exorcist. The ghost with the most's been summoned (by calling his name three times) to scare away the insufferable parents of Lydia, a goth girl who happens to dig death. New tunes by Australian comic singer-songwriter Eddie Perfect and the edgy antics of everyone's favorite demented demon make this screen-to-stage transplant a must-see.
Pinky Swear Productions at Anacostia Playhouse Blight
Silvia and Cat Henson have just moved from a tiny apartment in Washington, DC, into their sprawling dream home in the small, affluent town of Greenville, Delaware. But the house only happens to be in their price range because it was most recently the home of a teenaged mass shooter and his single mother. Within days of moving in, they're confronted by a mayor who wants to erase their house from the map, a neighbor who's on a mission to turn it into a memorial, and an alarmingly chipper consultant who specializes in the macabre.
Blueberries for Sal  
Adventure Theatre MTC Blueberries for Sal
Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk! Sal and her mother are picking delicious blueberries to can for the long winter months ahead to make delicious desserts. On the other side of Maine's Blueberry Hill, a mama bear and baby bear are filling up for the long hybernation. But somehow Sal and a baby bear have a mixed up adventure and lose their mothers!
Born Yesterday  
Ford's Theatre Born Yesterday
In this sharp-edged satire, opportunistic tycoon Harry Brock arrives in Washington with his naive girlfriend, Billie Dawn, to game the political system. With the help of an idealistic reporter, Billie wisens up and fights back to end the corruption. Aaron Posner (Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) directs Edward Gero (Hello, Dolly!, A Christmas Carol) and Kimberly Gilbert (Jefferson's Garden, The Laramie Project) in this 1940s screwball comedy that shows truth and justice can win the day. See Born Yesterday in Washington DC at Ford's Theatre.
Chocolate Covered Ants  
THEARC Chocolate Covered Ants
Dr. Adrienne Taylor is a professor of mental health at the fictitious Farrington Women's College. She's spent three years researching the plight of the African American woman, a journey that has brought her in direct contact with women from all over the United States. These women come from various social and economic statuses and range from the self made millionaires to those whose survival depends on government welfare. Chocolate Covered Ants chronicles the final leg of her research- and examination of the African American male to determine what effects if any they played on the mental, social and physical survival of the African American female. After an intense search, Dr. Taylor has invited a select group of men from around the country to take part in this research. They are her subjects, her Chocolate Covered Ants. Some have come of their own accord; others by legal obligations, and a few by promises of compensation.
The Comedy of Errors  
Shakespeare Theatre Company at Lansburgh Theatre The Comedy of Errors
Leave logic behind and delight in the confusion of Shakespeare's beloved comedy, where servants misplace their masters, wives overlook their husbands, and sons forget their fathers. The blunders double, triple and cube until chaos reigns-and everyone is pretty sure that everyone else is completely insane.
The Fall  
Studio Theatre The Fall
As the statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes was dismantled at the University of Cape Town, seven students wrote The Fall, charting their experiences as activists who brought down a statue and then grappled with decolonizing what was left standing in its wake: the legacies of race, class, gender, history, and power 24 years after the official end of Apartheid. Political and deeply personal, vibrating with song, dance, and the energy of youth, The Fall comes to DC with the urgency of history being told as it's created, resonating with America's debates about falling monuments, rising tuition, and "appropriate" ways to fight for long-promised equality.
Signature Theatre Heisenberg
A chance encounter at a London train stop changes the course of life for two people in this hit Broadway play by Tony Award-winning playwright Simon Stephens (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time). After mistaking him for someone else, Georgie finds herself improbably drawn to the much older Alex. Their instant connection ignites a tender, funny and intimate journey in an electric new play directed by Joe Calarco.
Henry V  
Gallaudet University Henry V
Armed only with their masks, their wits, and Shakespeare's words, six actors will do battle with one of Shakespeare's most theatrical plays. With a little Commedia magic, they'll bring over 50 characters to life in a flurry of kings, clowns, battles, Frenchmen, and leafy green vegetables!
How I Learned to Drive  
Round House Theatre How I Learned to Drive
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Paula Vogel's How I Learned To Drive explores the complex relationship between a young woman and an older man as a series of driving lessons progresses from innocence to something much more dark and troubling. Told with surprising wit, this acclaimed play is an often-funny, surprising and ultimately devastating tale of survival that's all too relevant in this pivotal #MeToo era. Through wildly absurd, unexpected and disturbing turns of events, Li'l Bit comes to terms with her past and her relationships as these events shape her womanhood and her understanding of the world. Don't miss this powerful play, which features Amber Paige McGinnis in her Round House Theatre directorial debut, when it takes the stage.
How to Win a Race War  
The Klunch at DC Arts Center How to Win a Race War
Things take a darkly hilarious turn with the highly-anticipated world premiere of Ian Allen's How to Win a Race War. The three-part comic satire, replete with song-and-dance numbers, clocking in at 3 hours plus, is a parody of white supremacist "race war" fiction. Spanning more than 3 centuries of civilization, How to Win a Race War takes the audience on an epic journey from one end of the white supremacist bookcase to the other: from the fear of slave rebellions in the antebellum South, to the militant skinhead scene of 1990's Boston, and waay beyond - into a liberal dystopian future packed with the sort of orchestrated chaos we are seeing from these dangerous groups today.
Illyria, or What Your Will  
Gunston Arts Center Illyria, or What Your Will
Illyria reimagines Shakespeare's comedy of mixed-signal love in a downtown Manhattan dive bar in the early 1980s, where identity, sex and gender are what you will. But who will fall in love with whom? And what music of love will the divas and DJ play? This fresh slant on a classic shakes up Shakespeare with the driving beats and dingy glamor of the post-disco era. See this Avant Bard production at Gunston Arts Center in Arlington.
La Traviata  
La Traviata
There's a reason that Verdi's tragic romance La Traviata is one of the most popular operas on the planet. Of course, there's the music, with exquisite arias like "Sempre libera" and the mournful "Addio del passato." Then there's the bittersweet love story of the beautiful, pleasure-loving yet frail courtesan Violetta, who unexpectedly finds true (and ultimately tragic) love with a younger man. But above all, what sets La Traviata in a league of its own is its humanity and its heart. It's a truly timeless tale of moral hypocrisy and selfless sacrifice, and in the character of Violetta, Verdi has given us one of opera's most fascinating heroines, a woman of boundless humanity and emotional depth.
Labour of Love  
Olney Theatre Center Labour of Love
The winner of the 2018 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, Labour of Love is a delightfully clever mashup of the political gamesmanship of The West Wing with a war of the sexes that feels straight out of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Set in a member of Parliament's district office, this wildly witty comedy is about the ups and downs of left-wing British politics over the past 25 years.
Let the Right One In  
Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) Let the Right One In
A bullied schoolboy. A mysterious new neighbor. An unlikely bond formed between two young people ... one of which has been young for a very long time. Based on the novel of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let the Right One In is a supernatural coming-of-age love story that touches the heart and makes it race, too. See it at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in Frederick.
ArtSpace Falls Church Nevermore
Take a dark and mysterious journey into the life of gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe. This fresh and imaginative musical uses Poe's poetry and short stories as its base and his shifting obsession with the women in his life as its catalyst. With hauntingly beautiful melodies, Nevermore, first seen here at Signature Theatre, breathes new life into Poe's work and explores a twisted true-life tale that is as bizarre as his classic stories of the macabre.?
New Guidelines for Peaceful Times  
Spooky Action Theater New Guidelines for Peaceful Times
A high-stakes confrontation between a troubled Brazilian immigration official and a WWII European refugee.
Rooms, a Rock Romance  
MetroStage Rooms, a Rock Romance
It's a love story. It's a rock musical. And it is returning to MetroStage. After an acclaimed premiere ten years ago, MetroStage is pleased to be bringing back the music of Scottish rocker and composer Paul Scott Goodman and the story that will touch your hearts, leave your foot tapping and you humming all the way home. ROOMS a rock romance has been described as a combination of Spring Awakening and Rent but also could be any love story told through music portraying the universal desire to make a difference, on or off a stage. Monica and Ian accompanied by five musicians will take you on their journey from Glasgow, to London to NYC.
She Stoops to Conquer  
Chesapeake Shakespeare Company She Stoops to Conquer
Kate Hardcastle has a love problem: Her prospective fiance is tongue-tied around women of high class but a charmer with the help. Silliness and satire follow when he mistakes Miss Hardcastle for a serving maid - and she decides to play along.
Sing to me Now  
Atlas Performing Arts Center Sing to me Now
Calliope is the last surviving Muse. Drowning in the demands of a world desperate for inspiration, she does what any self-respecting Greek goddess would do: hire an intern. But in Sing to me Now, Calliope is burying a deeper pain, and the fate of the universe may lie in this human intern's unlikely ability to save her. Playwright Iris Dauterman weaves sardonic humor, poetry and a contemporary voice to create a comedy about fighting for beauty while the world is falling apart. This Rorschach Theatre production comes to the stage at Washington, DC's Atlas Performing Arts Center.
Sleepy Hollow  
Synetic Theater Sleepy Hollow
Join Synetic Theater as they tell the tale of Ichabod Crane and his hapless attempt to win the heart and hand of his beloved in this American classic ghost story. Synetic Theater’s adaptation pulls together all the elements that made Synetic famous: Gothic horror, iconic characters and imagery, an emphasis on surreal, wordless storytelling that transcends spoken language.
The Snow Queen  
The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater The Snow Queen
When her best friend is kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen, 12 year-old Gerda goes on a quest to rescue him. With the help of a troll and an elf, will Gerda be able to find her friend before his heart freezes forever? A fun, loose adaptation of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen is preceded by a snack lunch featuring your choice of a slice of oven baked cheese pizza or an all-beef hotdog at the Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater in Hagerstown. This crowd-pleasing production is perfect for children of all ages.
Washington Stage Guild at Undercroft Theatre Summerland
Summerland by Arlitia Jones tells the mysterious tale of William H. Mumler, a spirit photographer with a talent for capturing haunting images from the world beyond the veil. The Civil War has ended, and a grieving nation turns to spiritualism to contact the dead. Mumler sees his business boom as mourners, including a very famous one, flock to his studio. A city official makes it his mission to prove it's a fraud, but finds that harder than he hoped. Based on a true story, this area premiere of Summerland can be enjoyed at the Undercroft Theatre in Washington, DC.