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Blood at the Root  
Anacostia Playhouse Blood at the Root
When a black student disrupts the status quo at her high school by occupying space typically reserved for white students, her community erupts in hate speech, violence and chaos. Inspired by the Jena Six case, which roiled tensions in Louisiana in 2006, Dominique Morisseau’s play scrutinizes the intrinsic links between justice, bias and identity. Moving, lyrical and bold, Blood at the Root probes the complexities of race, individual freedoms and what justice means when biases have been normalized. Watch it unfold at the Anacostia Playhouse in Washington, DC.
Folger Theatre Confection
Third Rail Projects' newest immersive experience, Confection, is a rollicking rumination on opulence, inequity, and teeny-tiny desserts. Using accounts of the extravagant banquets and sumptuous feasts held by the aristocracy of the late 17th-century as a springboard, Confection is a multi-sensory dance/theater performance that contemplates cultures of consumption and poses the questions: How much does sweetness cost, and what are we willing to devour to satisfy our appetites?
Dickens's Davy Copperfield  
Imagination Stage Dickens's Davy Copperfield
Experience Charles Dickens through the eyes of a young boy. Follow Davy Copperfield on his childhood adventures in 19th century England. Whether at home with his mother, at boarding school, working in a London bottling factory, or making his epic escape across the English countryside, Davy shows his resilience and determination to find a loving home.
Dinner with Friends  
Everyman Theatre Dinner with Friends
Like any culinary trend, relationships are destined to evolve over time-but can the recipe of friendship retain its zest if the key ingredients begin to change? A fabulous dinner at the home of food writers Gabe and Karen proves hard to swallow when Beth drops the bomb that husband Tom wants out of their 12-year marriage. Suddenly, both couples find themselves grappling with questions of loyalty, individuality, and commitment in Donald Margulies' deliciously funny, sharply observed Pulitzer Prize-winning drama-celebrating its 20th anniversary this season with the time-tested flavor and richness of a classic dish.
The Doyle and Debbie Show  
DC Arts Center The Doyle and Debbie Show
The Doyle and Debbie Show by Bruce Arntson is a sublime parody, simultaneously lampooning and idolizing country music's tradition of iconic duos and their subsequent battle of the sexes. The production is directed by John Sadowsky (Gutenberg! The Musical!) and features Landless familiars Andrew Lloyd Baughman (Sweeney Todd) and Karissa Swanigan-Upchurch (High Fidelity).
Eugene Onegin  
The Kennedy Center Eugene Onegin
Time shifts desires-and one man will regret his choice-in Tchaikovsky's masterpiece of unrequited love and missed opportunities, inspired by Pushkin's novel. Young Tatiana confesses her devotion to the worldly Onegin, but his cold refusal devastates her. Years later, when Tatiana matures, it is Onegin who begs for her love. Will Tatiana embrace the man she once longed for? Or will Onegin forever be the victim of his own bitter decision?
The Explorers Club  
Workhouse Arts Center The Explorers Club
The Explorers Club by Nell Benjamin, directed by Frank Shutts. London, 1879. The prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is terrible. True, this female candidate is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but the decision to let in a woman could shake the very foundation of the British Empire, and how do you make such a decision without a decent drink? Grab your safety goggles for some very mad science involving deadly cobras, irate Irishmen and the occasional airship.
Fallen Angels  
NextStop Theatre Fallen Angels
Julia's and Jane's husbands go out of town for a golf trip the same weekend Maurice is coming to visit-both ladies had their last fling before marriage with the suave Maurice. Dramatizing female sexual desire and frustration, the first performances in 1925 outraged critics and was labeled "shocking and obscene."
The Kennedy Center Faust
Is the freedom of youth worth an eternity in hell? It is to the aging Faust, who makes a pact with Mephistopheles to exchange his soul for Earth's mortal pleasures. With his youth restored, Faust woos the lovely Marguerite, but his troubles are far from over. Along the seductive path to riches and power, Faust realizes his salvation is tragically bound to others, including those he loves most.
Hands on a Hardbody  
Keegan Theatre Hands on a Hardbody
The Tony-nominated Hands on a Hardbody features a catchy combination of blues, R&B and country songs co-written by Amanda Green and Phish frontman Trey Anastasio, highlighting the story of 10 hard-luck Texans for whom a new lease on life is so close they can touch it. Under a scorching sun for days on end, armed with nothing but hope, humor and ambition, they'll fight to keep at least one hand on a brand-new truck in order to win it. In the hilarious, hard-fought contest that is Hands on a Hardbody, only one winner can drive away with the American Dream. Watch it all unfold on the stage of the Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC.
Henry IV, Part II  
Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Henry IV, Part II
In Henry IV, Part I, Prince Hal is torn between the seductive lure of a rogue's life and the weighty responsibilities of his father, King Henry IV. When duty calls, Hal proves his mettle at the Battle of Shrewsbury. As their story continues in Part II, his father nears death, and warring among the nobility continues: The defeated rebels regroup. Prince Hal's friend, the aging tavern-brawler Falstaff, is up to his unscrupulous tricks and scene-stealing humor. Hal avoids responsibility for a time but cannot put off the inevitable as his father fades.
Centerstage Indecent
What is the cost when we sacrifice truth for success? Can radical love be pious, or merely provocative? Does every religion sell God for a price? Follow the true story of a play, a playwright, and a plucky troupe of Yiddish theater artists from 1906 Warsaw to 1923 Broadway, from risky experiment to global sensation-and ultimately shattering scandal. The latest hit from the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of A Civil War Christmas, The Baltimore Waltz, and How I Learned to Drive, this highly acclaimed and award-winning drama pays homage to artists ahead of their time and doomed to pay the price.
Into the Woods  
Ford's Theatre Into the Woods
In Stephen Sondheim's imaginative, darkly comical remix of beloved fairy tales, a baker and his wife set out to reverse a witch's curse in hopes of having a child of their own. The couple's quest takes them into the woods, where they encounter Little Red Ridinghood, Jack and his beanstalk, a cautious Cinderella, a sequestered Rapunzel and a couple of lovelorn princes. Sondheim's lush Tony-winning score and James Lapine's Tony-winning book conjure a world where "giants can be good and witches can be right."
The Jewish Queen Lear  
Davis Performing Arts Center The Jewish Queen Lear
If it's not one thing, it's your mother! Written in 1898, Gordin's story of power and pride revolves around Mirele Efros, a wealthy widow and clever business woman who wants to find a good wife for her son. When her children turn against her, Mirele experiences a fall of Shakespearean proportions. Wildly successful in its time, Gordin's masterpiece of Yiddish theater shines in a scintillating new English translation. Produced in partnership with the Georgetown University Theater and Performance Studies Program. Featuring Tonya Beckman, Karl Kippola, Valerie Leonard, Alana D. Sharp, Sue Jin Song, and Frank X.
Arena Stage JQA
This unique, highly-theatrical play by award-winning playwright Aaron Posner (Stupid F**king Bird) imagines key confrontations between JQA and some of America's most dynamic figures: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, his own father, John Adams and more. At once provocative, haunting and hilarious, this power play challenges the way we think of our country, our government and ourselves.
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Macbeth
Propelled by dark forces, ruthless in his execution and haunted by his actions, a tyrant ascends the throne. Is he a man taking on the role dictated by fate, society, and his own ambition? Or is he a true villain? In the shadow of unspeakable deeds, Macbeth and all who surround him must ask: What am I party to? Where's the line? When have I gone too far? When is it too late?
Man of La Mancha  
Compass Rose Theater Man of La Mancha
The Legend of Don Quixote. Whether he is battling real giants or tilting at windmills, his search for the right keeps us dreaming of conquering evil forever.
Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity  
Signature Theatre Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity
Three women-an art restorer, her nurse and their military captor-are trapped in a ravaged museum during a catastrophic hundred years war. Tasked with restoring a damaged Rembrandt painting, the women find common shreds of humanity as they try to save a small symbol of beauty in their broken world.
Next Stop: North Korea  
DC Arts Center Next Stop: North Korea
In this new one-man show, acclaimed playwright and performer John Feffer (Krapp's Last Powerpoint, The Bird, Edible Rex, and Stuff) brings audiences as close to North Korea as they can get without a visa and an airplane ticket. Based on his visits to the country and the work he did there, Feffer explores the challenges of doing good in a morally ambiguous environment. He takes you inside Kim Il Sung's mausoleum, up and down the Tower of the Juche Idea, out to the North Korean countryside, and into the hearts and minds of North Koreans themselves.
Noises Off  
Kensington Town Hall Noises Off
Considered by many to be the funniest farce ever written, Noises Off reveals the hilarious backstage antics and drama of a group of small-town actors attempting to perform a dreadful flop called Nothing On. This play-within-a-play is a comedic triumph of slamming doors, falling trousers and flying sardines. Written by award-winning English novelist and playwright Michael Frayn (Copenhagen, Democracy), this slapstick comedy of errors remains a crowd pleaser more than 35 years after its debut. Laugh along as everything goes hilariously wrong in this production of Noises Off at Kensington Town Hall.
Olney Theatre Center Oil
Oil -- there’s no escaping the fact that it’s at the heart of modern life, powering the world to previously unimaginable heights. But one day that will end. Called “scorchingly ambitious,” (The Guardian), the innovative drama Oil traces the life of this transformative resource, from its first boom in 1889 to its inevitable demise in the not-too-distant-future -- all seen through the eyes of a single mother and her daughter. Across five separate but connected playlets, the duo spans the globe and decades, struggling to survive by any means necessary. Ella Hickson, a young playwright making waves in the U.K., tackles big ideas of feminism, imperialism and environmentalism in this genre-busting tale that makes its American premiere at Olney Theatre Center.
Queen of Basel  
Studio Theatre Queen of Basel
It's Art Basel, Miami's weeklong party for the rich and famous, where socialite darling Julie reigns over the blowout her real-estate mogul father is throwing at his South Beach hotel. But when her fiance dumps her in front of the crowd, Julie hides from her humiliation-and her father-in the hotel's barely used storage kitchen. Her companions are Christine, a cocktail waitress who recently fled violence in Venezuela, and Christine's fiance John, an Uber driver with ambitions.
The Seagull  
DC Arts Center The Seagull
On a summer's evening, at a makeshift theater by a lake, a young writer's new work is performed. In the wake of its spectacular failure, its audience - all connected by love - confront their own regret, grief, mortality, pettiness, and loneliness.
Solas Nua - Silent  
Atlas Performing Arts Center Solas Nua - Silent
Solas Nua - Silent is the touching and challenging story of homeless McGoldrig, who once had splendid things. But he has lost it all -- including his mind. He now dives into the wonderful wounds of his past through the romantic world of Rudolph Valentino. Dare to laugh at despair and gasp at redemption in this brave, beautiful production for which Fishamble and Pat Kinevane won an Olivier Award in 2016. See it at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C.
Gunston Arts Center Topdog/Underdog
A tensely funny and dead serious tragicomedy, is a Cain-and-Abel fable for Black America about two brothers named Lincoln and Booth. They have depended on each other since their parents left, and until recently they counted on Lincoln's grifting to get by. Now Lincoln has gone straight, impersonating his namesake in a carnival where tourists play assassin. When Booth resolves to become the greatest conman of all time, the brothers struggle over how best to play the tough hand America dealt them. See Topdog/Underdog at Gunston Arts Center.
Vanity Fair  
Lansburgh Theatre Vanity Fair
In this colorful adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's satire of 19th-century British society, the wiley and scheming antiheroines Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley are recast as complex, vibrant characters who the New York Times called "a gift to actors." Becky and Amelia scramble up social ladders and hurdle over whims of fate in this farcial comedy about trying to get what you want out of life, no matter the cost. Acclaimed playwright Kate Hamill (Sense and Sensibility) brings her signature quick wit and distinctly unfussy retelling of classic work to one of literature’s most celebrated novels in this production at the Lansburgh Theatre in Washington, D.C.
The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963  
The Kennedy Center The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963
Christopher Paul Curtis's Newbery Medal and Coretta Scott King Award-winning book comes to life in a staged concert adaptation by Christina Ham with live music. Told through Kenny's ever-witty perspective, The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963 captures hilarious family antics alongside poignant observations of Birmingham's tragic church bombing. Experience the beloved story of a family's bond and endurance amidst one of the darkest periods in America's history.