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  Much Ado About Nothing at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

Much Ado About Nothing

Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
545 7th Street, SE Washington

Taffety Punk's Riot Grrrls are back to take on Much Ado About Nothing. This is the grrrls first foray into Shakespeare's comedies. But they stick to their mission to outdo the boys at every turn.

Presented by Taffety Punk Theatre Co

Thru - Sep 24, 2011

Price: $10

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  Much Ado About Nothing Reviews
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Washington Post - Somewhat Recommended

"...The boys are back from the wars in Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” but they’re being played by women in the Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s amusing but unbalanced all-female production."
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Nelson Pressley

City Paper - Recommended

"...Aaaaaand it’s two-and-a-half hours long, but what can you do? It’s not called Some Ado About Nothing. While in theory anything branding itself under the “riot grrrrl” rubric should probably at least aim for the speed and pith of a Bratmobile tune, to complain about the show’s determination to amuse us this much for this long for the low-low Taffety Punk tariff of $10 would be ungrateful. The only scenes that feel long are those involving the hapless Constable Dogberry (Kimberly Schraf, hardworking but miscast) and his pursuit of the slanderers Don John (Tiernan Madorno) and Borachio (Katie Molinaro, whom you’d expect on the evidence of her take-no-prisoners Capital Fringe solo show On the Rag to Riches to summon more bile than she manages here)."
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Chris Klimek

MD Theatre Guide - Recommended

"...Shakespeare is well known for for his original all-male casts, but Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s all-female cast throws a comedy wrench in the already hilarious story of the bickering and bantering Benedick and Beatrice. Director Eleanor Holdridge’s vision creates a world unique to the Shakespearean characters and easily wraps Southern personas around the traditionally aristocratic leads. Though the laughs are non-stop, the low masculinity level is obvious as players fought to fit male characters around their shoulders."
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Erica Laxson

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

Taffety Punk Theatre’s presentation of Much Ado About Nothing succeeds, and succeeds fantastically because director Eleanor Holdridge and Taffety Punk’s “Riot Grrrls” ensemble follow a fourth, unwritten rule: don’t take it too seriously.
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Steve Hallex

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