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An American Daughter  
Keegan Theatre An American Daughter
Set in Washington, D.C., Wendy Wasserstein's political drama An American Daughter focuses on Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes, a health care expert and forty-something daughter of a long-time Senator. When the President nominates Lyssa to a Cabinet post, an indiscretion from her past comes to light. The media turns it into a scandal that imperils her confirmation and divides her loved ones. Lyssa is forced to make a decision: continue to pursue the post and face an ugly Senate hearing; or decline the nomination, becoming a sacrificial lamb for the President. Partisan politics in our nation's capital, however, are nothing compared to the personal politics in Lyssa's living room, where complicated relationships unravel with her father, husband and best girlfriend--not to mention the awkward encounters she has with an exuberant neo-feminist author and a relentless TV journalist. Get caught up in the conflict when An American Daughter comes to the Keegan Theatre.
Bakersfield Mist  
Olney Theatre Center Bakersfield Mist
Poor Maude! Living in a trailer park, fired from her bartending job... even her best friend refused the thrift store painting she bought for her birthday. But that painting might just be... a lost Jackson Pollock! Her fate lies in the hands of world-famous curator Lionel Percy, who shows up at Maude's trailer to determine its authenticity. What follows is a collision of class and culture, where the 'average Joe' might finally throw it in the face of those 'east coast elites'. Starting Artistic Associates Donna Migliaccio and Michael Russotto. "It's exhilarating in the extreme when a world premiere play strikes rich on every conceivable level - a perfect marriage of emotion and ideas." - Los Angeles Times.
Black Pearl Sings!  
MetroStage Black Pearl Sings!
Set in Depression-era Texas, Black Pearl Sings! follows Susannah, an ambitious "song collector" searching for lost African-American folk music. Her journey leads to Pearl, a prisoner with a soulful voice, steely spirit and an incredible history. Susannah wants the song that will put her in the spotlight, while Pearl wants a chance for freedom. As the two trace the roots of beloved American songs, the legacy of the past clashes with their hopes for the future. It's a powerful and moving story about a woman of color's struggle in a white man's world. Inspired by the musical partnership of folklorist John Lomax and legendary folk singer-guitarist Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter, Black Pearl Sings! will fill Alexandria's Metrostage with the soul-stirring sounds of over 20 American folk and spiritual songs.
Blackberry Winter  
Forum Theatre at Silver Spring Black Box Theater Blackberry Winter
A NATIONAL NEW PLAY NETWORK Rolling World Premiere starring Holly Twyford. Years of success, meticulous planning, and an eye for detail have in no way prepared Vivienne Avery for her mother's slide into the grip of dementia. Initially hiding behind insomnia-fueled baking and a polite smile, stories about her mother leave Vivienne's inner turmoil quietly laid bare in a juxtaposition of stories, theatrical gestures, and a childlike Alzheimer's "creation myth."
The Body of an American  
Theater J The Body of an American
In the wake of the disastrous Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia in 1993, war reporter Paul Watson photographed a mob of Somalis dragging a dead American soldier through the streets of Mogadishu. The picture, which went on to win the Pulitzer Prize, soon led to the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the country. This engrossing and provocative play tells the true story of the friendship between Watson and playwright Dan O'Brien, which played out over the course of a lengthy email correspondence as Watson's reporting took him from Rwanda to Afghanistan to the Canadian Arctic. In The Body of an American at Goldman Theater in Washington, D.C., two men on opposite sides of the globe explore issues of war, friendship, mental health and the ethical consequences of personal actions.
Caroline, or Change  
Creative Cauldron at ArtSpace Falls Church Caroline, or Change
Set against the dramatic backdrop of political and social upheaval in 1963 Louisiana, Caroline, or Change is a Tony-nominated musical that features one of the most powerful female leads in the history of musical theater. Blending gospel, blues, Motown and Jewish folk music to tell a riveting story about the fragility of the human spirit, the play follows the Gellman family and their hard-working African-American maid, Caroline, a single mother of four young children. Despite spending most of her time cooped up doing laundry in the Gellman's basement, Caroline develops a strong emotional bond with their 8-year-old son, the curious and sympathetic Noah. As the two grow closer, their social, economic and age differences reach an impasse, resulting in a cataclysmic event that changes their lives and relationship forever.
City of Angels  
NextStop Theatre City of Angels
Set in Los Angeles in the late 1940s, City of Angels tells the story of a novelist struggling to turn his hard-boiled detective novel into a movie. Weaving together the novelist's actual life with the story of his fictional P.I. hero, NextStop Theatre Company's production is a show within a show that's a stylish nod to film noir. With the help of some exciting visual effects, Herndon will be transformed into vintage Hollywood. Watch as the colorful real world collides with the black-and-white "reel" world. The winner of six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, this show was co-written by Broadway legend Cy Coleman and M*A*S*H creator Larry Gelbart.
Collected Stories  
Theater On The Run Collected Stories
Once the brave new voice of the NY literary scene, writer turned professor Ruth Steiner has resigned into a rather insulated life in her cozy Greenwich Village apartment. That comfortable but lonely life is upended when Ruth engages Lisa Morrison, a promising but insecure young writer as her assistant. Over six years, told in six scenes, Ruths wall of isolation is broken and the women develop a deep friendship revealing intimate details of their personal histories as their bond strengthens. Lisa evolves from fawning admirer to protege and colleague. Ultimately, the personal and the professional collide as Lisas career ambitions take her down a path that violates the womens bond of emotional trust and leads to devastating consequences. As always, Pulitzer Prize-winner Margulies tells this provocative story in his literate yet grounded and witty style. Issues of personal loyalty versus professional ambition are explored in tense and poignant fashion, making us think yes, but more importantly, drawing us into the world of these engaging people and making us feel even more.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)  
Reynolds Tavern The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
Life is short. The complete works of Shakespeare are long. To the rescue: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) performed by three of Annapolis Shakespeare Company's brightest and funniest. They wrap up the Bard's outsized oeuvre in 90 roller-coaster, rib-tickling minutes. After warming up with a nothing-is-sacred send-up of Romeo and Juliet, they're off, dispensing with the comedies in one fell swoop (because the tragedies are funnier). You decide after you see Othello as a rap song, Titus Andronicus as a cooking program, and the show's unforgettable finale - Hamlet - told with the help of audience members and lascivious sock puppets.
Death of a Salesman  
Everyman Theatre Death of a Salesman
Winner of the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize, Arthur Miller's profound and powerful tragedy of an American dreamer is a dramatic masterpiece. Willy Loman is the ultimate everyman. His life of hard work has not translated into the wealth and respect he dreamt of. As retirement draws near, his eldest son refuses to follow the path Willy has planned for him. Buried secrets from the past come to light and Willy's pursuit of the American dream begins to fade. Since it was first performed in 1949, Death of a Salesman has been recognized as a milestone of American theatre and continues to strike a chord with audiences around the world.
Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater Disgraced
From Ayad Akhtar comes the "breathtaking, raw and blistering" (AP), Pulitzer Prize-winning play about the clash between modern culture and ancient faiths. The son of south Asian immigrants, Amir has worked hard to achieve the American Dream - complete with a successful career, a beautiful wife and $600 custom-tailored shirts. But has he removed himself too far from his roots? And when a friendly dinner party conversation rockets out of control, will the internal battle between his culture and his identity raze all that he's worked so hard to achieve? Hailed as "terrific, turbulent, with fresh currents of dramatic electricity" (New York Times), this incendiary examination of one's self and one's beliefs will leave you breathless.
Emperor's Nightingale  
Adventure Theatre MTC Emperor's Nightingale
The sweet song of a Nightingale saves an Empire. This brand new adaptation set in eighteenth century China, brings to light the younger days of Emperor Qianlong, who would become one of the greatest rulers of the Middle Kingdom. It takes a magical bird to help the headstrong and aimless Prince to become a King.
Garbage Kids  
Venus Theatre Play Shack Garbage Kids
Belly and Scuzzy are friends; friends who have been abandoned by their parents, live in and out of foster care, and have a hard time feeling normal. Act one is a memory play experienced through the lens of its main characters. The play begins in a waiting room. Belly and Scuzzy sit anxiously waiting for their arms or legs to be cut off, they're not sure which. Belly returns from the doctor's office with a gaping hole in his arm, Scuzzy with a piece of candy. As Belly and Scuzzy grow into adulthood, Scuzzy befriends a lonely woman who pesters her to take the place of her daughter. While Belly struggles with perfecting his street singing, ultimately giving up his aspirations for a job at KFC. Act two focuses on adulthood, in real-time. Belly and Scuzzy's relationship is put under duress, the two ultimately finding that they are a harsh reminders of the other's inadequacy and loneliness.
Happy Hour  
Spooky Action Theater Happy Hour
A live video game performance (where the audience controls the action) created by German theater company machina eX. Presented in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Washington. In this live-action twist on the familiar "escape the room" video game, two audience teams must help their human avatars escape from the clutches of an evil mastermind, using only the materials at hand to find the keys, unlock the doors, and beat the clock.
Hedda Gabler  
Studio Theatre Hedda Gabler
Hedda Tesman returns from her honeymoon to the brutal banality of domestic life: an antagonizingly bland husband; a living room full of dying flowers; and a house that is too large, too cluttered, too bourgeois for the once unstoppable Hedda Gabler. Both tormented and merciless, she is caught between her appetite for sensation and acute awareness of public perception. Mark O'Rowe's stunning contemporary adaptation is a mesmerizing study of power, control, and self-deception and a nuanced portrait of one of the most fascinating figures in modern drama.
A Lesson from Aloes  
Writer's Center A Lesson from Aloes
Set in 1963 in a white district of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, this moving play provides a compelling portrait of a police state. A liberal Afrikaner involved in anti-apartheid activity, his wife recovering from a nervous brealdown, and their Black friend just released from prison, must all considerer the few alternatives that society offers them.
The Man in the Iron Mask  
Synetic Theater The Man in the Iron Mask
In this follow-up to The Three Musketeers, our hero D’Artagnan finds himself alone in the service of King Louis XIV after his comrades have retired. Unbeknownst to D’Artagnan, his old friends plan to remove the corrupt King, and replace him with his good twin, held captive in the Bastille! The Man in the Iron Maskpromises more swashbuckling blockbuster adventure, rich in bombast and pageantry. This production will have dialogue.

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