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Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver  
CTA Theatre Complex Almost Heaven: Songs of John Denver
ALMOST HEAVEN weaves together the songs of John Denver to create a uniquely theatrical narrative that reflects upon the country during a time of massive change. Many of Denver's songs - including "Rocky Mountain High," "Sunshine on My Shoulders," "Annie's Song," "Leaving on a Jet Plane," and more - are rediscovered and reinvented, performed against a backdrop of America in the late '60s and early '70s, a time of social unrest and political protest.
Another Way Home  
Theater J Another Way Home
It’s visiting day at Camp Kickapoo, and Joey Nadelman is nowhere to be found. As the search parties come up empty, Joey’s parents are left wondering – where he’s gone, why their marriage feels lacking, and what might have happened if they had taken a different path. An insightful, sardonic drama about the strangers we all live with – our family.
Source Festival at Source Ballast
What does it mean to love someone in a moment of great transition? Zoe dreams of flying-of escaping to new heights-while her wife, Grace, dreams of standing in a pulpit before a religious community that accepts her recent transition from male to female. 16-year-old Savannah dreams only of her first love, Xavier, who is coping with becoming a man. Meanwhile, Xavier is haunted by the nightmares he sees staring back at him from the mirror. Ballast tells the story of two relationships between transgender and cisgender partners, exploring not only the way gender influences our relationships, but also how gender seeps into our spirituality, our dreams, and even our ability to take flight.
The Bridges of Madison County  
The Kennedy Center The Bridges of Madison County
Inspired by the best-selling novel and critically acclaimed film, the theatrical adaptation of The Bridges of Madison County continues its legacy as one of the most romantic stories ever told. Set in a sleepy Iowa town, the musical follows a bored housewife who finds her life forever changed when she meets a traveling National Geographic photographer. What begins as a chance encounter evolves into an exhilarating whirlwind of passion, desire and everlasting love. Featuring a stunning soundtrack from Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown, this dazzling production of Pulitzer Prize winner Marsha Norman's The Bridges of Madison County will sweep you off your feet at the The Kennedy Center's Eisenhower Theater in Washington, DC.
Buried Cities  
Source Festival at Source Buried Cities
One night, Maya and Louis are held up at gunpoint in their home. Even though they are supposedly unharmed, their marriage begins to fall apart as each tries to find safety in the world again. Brandon, their nephew, is mourning a father who was lost to war and feels more real in the imaginary world of violent video games than in the world where he is trying to learn how to be a man. Leah, who has spent her life hiding the two small horns on her forehead, begins to gain power as she learns about her mysterious conception in a labyrinth in Crete. A play about getting lost in hiding spaces, Buried Cities explores having the courage to be found.
We Happy Few Productions at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Chalk
At its simplest, CHALK is a story of motherhood. A wise judge draws a chalk circle on the ground to determine the true mother of a contested child. However, it's also a story about revolution and rebellion. It's about the choices we are forced to make for ourselves, for our families and for the causes we believe in. It's about the working class and the wealthy, justice and family, duty and survival.
Clybourne Park  
Silver Spring Stage Clybourne Park
Clybourne Park is a clever and provocative comedy on race, class and real estate that puts a new spin on Lorraine Hansberry's landmark A Raisin in the Sun by contrasting the same cultural issues in a northwest Chicago neighborhood. In 1959, a white couple sets off a community controversy when they inadvertently sell their bungalow to the area's first black family. Half a century later, gentrification issues arise when a black couple clashes with the white couple who want to buy and remodel the same house. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2010 and the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, Clybourne Park now comes to the Silver Spring Stage in the D.C. area.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)  
Reynolds Tavern The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
Life is short. The complete works of Shakespeare are long. To the rescue: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) performed by three of Annapolis Shakespeare Company's brightest and funniest. They wrap up the Bard's outsized oeuvre in 90 roller-coaster, rib-tickling minutes. After warming up with a nothing-is-sacred send-up of Romeo and Juliet, they're off, dispensing with the comedies in one fell swoop (because the tragedies are funnier). You decide after you see Othello as a rap song, Titus Andronicus as a cooking program, and the show's unforgettable finale - Hamlet - told with the help of audience members and lascivious sock puppets.
Source Festival at Source Crossroads
Nine artists from different creative disciplines collaborate over four months to create three original works. Each team of Artistic Blind Date artists was given one of our full-length plays to read and respond to as a jumping off point for the creation of their pieces. You'll find the thematic grouping color-coded throughout the Festival calendar and website.
District Merchants  
Folger Theatre District Merchants
The acclaimed playwright behind Stupid F**king Bird and My Name is Asher Lev sets his sights on Shakespeare with District Merchants, a play set in an imagined time that straddles post-Civil War Washington, D.C., the Elizabethan era and today. A story of money, merchandise and mercy, District Merchants is a tense comedy that examines the contradictions of life in America. The creative adaptation of The Merchant of Venice was written by four-time Helen Hayes Award-winner Aaron Posner and commissioned by the Folger Theatre. Directed by Michael John Garces (Lights Rise on Grace, The Convert), the play stars Matthew Boston as Shylock and Craig Wallace as Antoine.
Dreams and Discord  
Source Festival at Source Dreams and Discord
An evening of 10 Minute Plays. CHOOSING YOU By Rachel Lynette Directed by Lex Davis As Aurora moves through her day, she considers the two very different lives she might have lived. EVERLAST By Francesca Pazniokas Directed by Sarah Scafidi Two characters must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their goal of climbing Mt. Everest. HANS & ELSIE By Alyssa Wilden Directed by Gus Heagerty Elsie is so busy imagining the worst that she misses the best. RIDING LESSONS By Brett Hursey Directed by Lex Davis A man with a clown walks into a bar... THE METH IN METHOD By Tommy Partl Directed by Sarah Scafidi A typical 9 to 5 corporate office, that sells meth. THE RED LIGHT By David L. Williams Directed by Gus Heagerty In a country under constant surveillance, Eva and Charly have entered an illegal relationship, and today they must decide whether to escape as planned or give up their dreams forever.
Olney Theatre Center Evita
Heralded for its rich score and explosive love triangle, the legendary Tony® Award-winning musical Evita tells the story of Argentina’s passionate political figure Eva Perón, whose love for her country’s descamisados (‘the shirtless ones’) was surpassed only by her naked ambition. Known for its anthem, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” Evita will stun and delight in this intimate version of the musical that ensures you hear every note and feel every heartbeat. Helmed by the director and choreographer of last year’s hit and Helen Hayes Award winner, Colossal.
Get Used To It!  
Flashpoint Get Used To It!
Celebrate gay pride month in Washington, D.C. by attending this Rainbow Theatre Project production of Get Used To It! at FlashPoint Theatre. This musical revue by Tom Wilson Weinberg tackles love, sex, relationships, politics, religion and AIDS in an often funny, sometimes serious and always thought-provoking manner. Written in 1992 during a low point for the gay rights movement, Get Used To It! remains a joyous statement for all generations of LGBT culture -- one that Bob Harrington of the New York Post called "a very humorous look at very serious gay issues."
The Good Devil (In Spite of Himself)  
WSC Avant Bard at Gunston Arts Center The Good Devil (In Spite of Himself)
When a Commedia Dell'Arte troupe is bedeviled by a royal decree forbidding them from speaking onstage, the rambunctious actors stage an ingenious revolt. Taking a flying leap off historical fact, The Good Devil is a hilarious spoof on art and censorship.
Toby's Dinner Theatre - Columbia Hairspray
It's 1962, and pleasantly plump Baltimore teen Tracy Turnblad has only one desire- to dance on the popular Corny Collins Show. When her dream comes true, Tracy is transformed from social outcast to sudden star, but she must use her newfound power to vanquish the reigning Teen Queen, win the affections of hearthrob Link Larkin and integrate a TV network- all without denting her "do!
Harold Night  
Washington Improv Theater at Source Harold Night
Harold Night is WIT's weekly homage to the world-famous longform improv format: the Harold. It all starts with an audience suggestion. From there, WIT’s five Harold teams create unique worlds full of vibrant characters right before your eyes.
Heroes and Home  
Source Festival at Source Heroes and Home
An evening of 10 Minute Plays. A WHIFF OF HUMANITY By Mark Eisman Directed by Rachael Murray A human being with an exceptional sense of smell applies for a job with the TSA previously reserved for canines. LOVE AND MINOR DESTRUCTION By Maximillian Gill Directed by Kristen Pilgrim A young Indian woman makes a meaningful change in her relationship with her family with the inspiration of a totemic Hindu goddess. HAROLD EVENTUALLY RECONCILES WITH HIS SISTER IN ONE SECOND By Jason Pizzarello Directed by Anna Lathrop Harold and his sister experience a reconciliation through a metaphysical exploration of time. MAN IN PERIL By Alex Dremann Directed by Kristen Pilgrim The proverbial "damsel in distress" must save the hero if they're both going to make it back home safe and sound. THAT KID By Jane Willis Directed by Rachael Murray When her grandson starts throwing rocks at the deer in their yard, Evelyn tries to find a window into the young boy's mind. WE COULD BE HEROES By David MacGregor Directed by Anna Lathrop Who are our heroes? And how do we decide who's worthy of the title?

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