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Centerstage Amadeus
In 18th century Vienna, music is the currency of power. And Court Composer Antonio Salieri is the toast of the town. That is, until a young prodigy by the name of Mozart comes on the scene. Reeling from the realization of his own mediocrity in the face of true genius, Salieri swears vengeance on the God that gifted Mozart’s breathtaking talent. Swells of music and madness stir through Center Stage’s epic new revival of the Tony Award-winning drama that raises the question: how far would you go to secure your legacy?
The Studio Theatre Belleville
Abby and Zack traded the comforts of America for noble adventure abroad, moving to the trendy Parisian enclave Belleville for his prestigious post with Doctors Without Borders. Their lives seem perfect. But when Abby returns home early one afternoon, she uncovers a few seemingly inconsequential surprises. Chillingly precise and psychologically astute, Amy Herzog (4000 Miles) anatomizes the consequences of deceptions small and large and the terrifying, profound unknowability of our closest relationships.
Big Apple Circus - Metamorphosis  
Dulles Town Center Big Apple Circus - Metamorphosis
Under the Big Top, you're never more than 50 feet from the oohs, ahhs and WOWS! of Big Apple Circus's all-new show, Metamorphosis. This spectacular packs the ring with more thrills, more magic and more animals than ever before. Aerialists will swoop and swirl, horses will parade and trot, and clowns -- including the beloved Francesco -- will amuse and captivate. Backed by the Big Apple Circus Band, John Kennedy Kane, the circus' famed ringmaster, keeps things merry and moving during this wondrous show. So "step riiight up" to the cutting-edge wonders and age-old pleasures of Metamorphosis.
GALA Hispanic Theatre Cancun
After a night of fun and frolic by two married couples vacationing in Cancun, the morning brings a new reality about “what might have been.” A hilarious comedy about contemporary relationships and marriage by one of Spain’s leading playwrights from Catalonia. In Spanish with English surtitles. This production is supported by the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C. and SPAIN Arts & Culture.
Cirque du Soleil - Amaluna  
National Harbor Cirque du Soleil - Amaluna
Experience an amazing night of high-flying feats and stunning imagery from Cirque du Soleil. This magical romance, inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest, takes you to a mysterious island where goddesses walk the land and the rhythm of life is ruled by the cycles of the moon. The daughter of Queen Prospera is undergoing the rituals of her coming-of-age ceremony when a group of young men, caught up in a storm, become stranded on the island. Prospera's daughter falls in love with one of the brave sailors, but the two lovers must overcome many trials and setbacks before finding peace together. As the story unfolds, the dazzling arts of Cirque du Soleil illustrate the tale. The island world of Amaluna bursts to life with jugglers, aerial performers, dancers, unicyclists and much more.
Clybourne Park  
Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) Clybourne Park
Bruce Norris’ witty new spin off of Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun follows a Chicago household in 1959 as a black family plans to move into a predominately white neighborhood. The neighbors gather and try to convince the family to choose a different suburb. As the discussion heats up, the play switches to the same house in 2009 as the neighborhood has changed and gentrification has set in. This Pulitzer and Tony award winning satire takes jabs at everything from race to real estate. For mature audiences.
Cole Porter  
In Series at Source Cole Porter
Our “delightful, delicious and de-lovely tribute to Porter” returns! “The puckish new show bobsleds through 35 Porter tunes in less than two hours... hits a cute a cute comic bull’s eye!” says The Washington Post. Need we say more?!
The Cole Porter Project  
The In Series at Source The Cole Porter Project
Conceived and written by Steven Scott Mazzola & Greg Stevens, with a story-line that brings one man on a Cole Porter mission together with lobbyists, congressmen, and even the spirit of Ethel Merman. It's a heartfelt and fun-filled romp through the unparalleled words and music of this American master songwriter.
Olney Theatre Center Colossal
Sure to be the “must-see” new play of 2014, COLOSSAL is an extraordinary story of emotional and physical endurance, love, and family. Structured like a football game (performed in four quarters with a pre-show training session and half-time show), COLOSSAL tells in vivid, physical flashback the story of Young Mike, a college football player who took a hit in a game that left him paralyzed from the waist down, confined to a wheelchair. Broken emotionally and physically, Mike now relives the memory of his accident with the help of a live nine-person football squad onstage, finally confronting his demons in the play’s extremely moving and uplifting conclusion. Winner of the Kennedy Center’s Jean Kennedy Smith Playwriting Award.
The Devil in his Own Words  
Taffety Punk Theatre Company at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop The Devil in his Own Words
As Taffety Punk’s 10th anniversary approaches, we present our very first show—revised, revamped, and remixed! It’s a fast-paced tragicomedy that upends expectations and digs deep into the identity of humanity's oldest villain. Who (or what) is the Devil? Why is he still here? Taffety Punk founding member Marcus Kyd seeks answers by portraying the Devil's appearances in centuries of literature from all over the globe. The stories are woven together to form a unique perspective on the first to be cursed. "A beguiling and inarguably charismatic performance." — Washington City Paper "Engagingly literate! Satan's a scene-stealing smoothie." — The Washington Post
Fatal Song: The Great Opera Murders  
In Series at Source Fatal Song: The Great Opera Murders
A cabaret-opera / whodunit featuring well known music by Mozart, Bizet, Bernstein, Donizetti, Massenet, Offenbach, Puccini, and Verdi. “A bunch of opera heroines [Carmen, Mimi, Lucia, Violetta...] notice that someone is killing them off ... A delightfully daffy send-up of the opera genre.” - Salt Lake Tribune
Florencia in the Amazon  
The Kennedy Center Florencia in the Amazon
Two-time Grammy Award–winning American soprano Christine Goerke stars as a famous opera singer who embarks upon an enchanted riverboat journey in late Mexican American composer Daniel Catán's mesmerizing opera. Returning after 20 years to her South American homeland of Brazil, Florencia Grimaldi boards the El Dorado in disguise and heads up the Amazon to sing at an opera house in the capital. Along the way, she hopes to track down her long-lost lover, a butterfly hunter who has disappeared in the jungle. Beset by storms and a cholera outbreak, Florencia and her fellow travelers are carried deeper into the rain forest, while Ríolobo, a mystical river creature, guides them to life-changing revelations.
Fool for Love  
Round House Theatre - Bethesda Fool for Love
From Sam Shepard, one of America’s most renowned playwrights, comes this explosive tale of love, hate, and the dying myths of the Old West. May’s hiding out at a seedy motel on the edge of the Mojave Desert when Eddie, her longtime on-again/off-again lover, shows up. Dark secrets are revealed during a night of gripping jealousy, brutal betrayal, and the deepest kind of love. Producing Artistic Director Ryan Rilette directs a powerhouse cast in this revival of one of the great American plays of the 20th century. “Shepard's purest and most beautiful play.” — New York Daily News
God of Carnage  
Silver Spring Black Box Theater God of Carnage
Dark comedy God of Carnage reveals that while kids will inevitably be kids, adults may not always act like grown-ups. The show opens on two sets of high-strung Brooklyn parents who meet to work things out after their young sons squabble on the playground. As their talk progresses and the rum flows, their behavior devolves from civilized to outrageous. Accusations are hurled, secrets are confessed and diplomatic facades crumble before your eyes. Filled with scandalous hilarity, God of Carnage took Broadway by storm and walked away with the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play.
Isango Ensemble Repertory  
Lansburgh Theatre Isango Ensemble Repertory
King Lear  
Folger Theatre King Lear
Weary of his royal duties, King Lear proposes to break up his kingdom and divide it among his three daughters. Shakespeare’s Globe’s King Lear stars Joseph Marcell, well known as Geoffrey the English butler on the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and internationally known as a classical actor and seen in Folger Theatre’s 2007 As You Like It.
Marie Antoinette  
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Marie Antoinette
We all know the famous story of the iconic and controversial Marie Antoinette. But was she just a shallow, rich party girl, or a tragic figure constructed by a culture of luxury and celebrity? Through David Adjmi’s incisive contemporary lens, history’s most notorious queen becomes a full-blooded, complex, and tragic heroine who realizes too late that there’s an unstoppable revolution brewing outside her window. This is a Marie Antoinette for today: a potent symbol of all the things that keep us from seeing the real forces bearing down on us: our cult of celebrity, our fatuous politics, and a pace of change we can hardly fathom.

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