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Back to Methuselah: As Far as Thought Can Reach  
Undercroft Theatre Back to Methuselah: As Far as Thought Can Reach
In 2014, the Washington Stage Guild set out on a ambitious multiyear quest to produce George Bernard Shaw's five-part 1922 play cycle, Back to Methuselah. And as their 30th anniversary season comes to a climax, so does their monumental undertaking. One of the very first works of science fiction-fantasy ever to appear in a theater, these rarely-seen plays by the Nobel Prize-winning satirist (Pygmalion, Major Barbara, Saint Joan), start with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and conclude here in the year 31,920 AD, as mankind has evolved towards immortality. As Far as Thought Can Reach posits a world where a group of youngsters learn some lessons of life -- and the afterlife -- from the "Ancients." Catch up on the entire Methuselah Project at DC's Undercroft Theatre, with a series of readings and related events.
Blood Knot  
Atlas Performing Arts Center Blood Knot
Set in apartheid South Africa, two biracial brothers grapple with isolation and poverty. Directed by Joy Zinoman, this powerful, two-man play addresses race through familial ties. Brothers Zachariah and Morris live in a one-room shack and share a mother, but different fathers. Morris can pass for white, but dark-skinned Zachariah feels trapped in his job at a whites-only park. Together, they let their imaginations run wild with role-playing games they create within their constrained world. When they start a pen-pal relationship with a white girl, the games take a dangerous and bizarre twist. Don't miss this production at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C.
Dry Land  
Silver Spring Black Box Theater Dry Land
Ester is a swimmer trying to stay afloat. Amy is curled up on the locker room floor. Dry Land is a play about abortion, female friendship, and resiliency, and what happens in one high school locker room after everybody's left. This timely and unflinching new play is from one of America's most exciting young playwrights, Ruby Rae Spiegel.
Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater Intelligence
Inspired by true events, Intelligence is a fictionalized account of a covert operative who, tasked with protecting the national security of the United States post-9/11, is racing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when the unthinkable happens. With the country at war, her cover is blown and she must navigate a media frenzy, the CIA's search for answers and her diplomat husband's dogged pursuit of the truth. Intelligence is a political thriller that explores the cost of deception and the consequences of speaking truth to power.
Madagascar - A Musical Adventure  
The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater Madagascar - A Musical Adventure
Dreamworks' hit animated movie comes to wild life in the fun new family musical, Madagascar - A Musical Adventure. This original stage spectacular follows everybody's favorite zoo refugees Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo, along with their intrepid pals the penguins, from the concrete jungle of New York to the wilds of Africa, and features singing, dancing and plenty of onstage adventure for the entire family. Join the crack-a-lackin' friends at the Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater in Hagerstown.
Midwestern Gothic  
Signature Theatre Midwestern Gothic
In a frozen little town in the middle of nowhere lives Stina, a young woman filled with a desperate hope to escape her humdrum surroundings. Following her mind's twisted flights of fancy, it isn't long before Stina's imagination is driving her to create more and more bizarre diversions, leading to a sudden and shocking twist of events. This wildly original world premiere of Midwestern Gothic features a book by Royce Vavrek and a contemporary score from Josh Schmidt, the award-winning composer of Adding Machine, that weaves together rock, country and pure fantasy. Catch this provocative and innovative musical thriller at Arlington's Signature Theatre.
Anacostia Playhouse Mnemonic
You can't tell the story of humans without telling the story of migration -- and the new play Mnemonic does just that. Featuring innovative design, contemporary technology and striking visuals, this Theater Alliance production will explore interconnectedness in a world where people are constantly moving. See it when it takes the stage of The Anacostia Playhouse in Washington, D.C.
The Night Alive  
Atlas Performing Arts Center The Night Alive
In The Night Alive, Tommy is a down-on-his-luck Irish bloke who finds that his one good deed will not go unpunished. A slovenly sort who's taken up residence in his uncle's Dublin house, Tommy and his best friend Doc have eked out an existence running odd jobs and plotting get-rich-quick schemes. But when he returns one night after rescuing battered and bloodied prostitute Aimee, his spontaneous act of decency brings about a glimmer of new possibilities, even as echoes from the past and the looming specter of death threaten to take it all away. Warm, wistfully funny and magical in spite of its meager surroundings, Irish playwright Conor McPherson's The Night Alive observes the small moments of grace that illuminate our lives and deliver us from the darkness. Experience it now at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, D.C.
No Sisters  
Studio Theatre No Sisters
Award-winning playwright and director Aaron Posner has taken Chekhov's Three Sisters and removed one seemingly vital element from the Russian classic: the sisters. Instead, his aptly titled No Sisters explores the screwed-up, endlessly fascinating psyches of a different set of world-weary misfits and broken dreamers in the Chekhov universe. Because while Olga, Masha, and Irina yearn for Moscow, the rest of the household and its hangers-on are grappling with their own heartache and longing, bit players in a world whose focus is elsewhere. Commissioned as a part of Studio R&D, Studio Theatre's new works initiative, No Sisters is an endlessly inventive and wildly funny play -- about some wildly unhappy people.
Keegan Theatre Parade
Alfred Uhry's Tony Award-winning Parade dramatizes the racially-charged trial of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager wrongly accused of brutally raping and murdering a 13-year-old worker under his charge. As press whips the public into an outraged frenzy, Frank's only hope lies in a brave crusade for justice led by the Southern wife he never understood, among a people that never understood him. This transformational story -- based on an actual case -- is part murder mystery and part social commentary about a country whose behavior is often at odds with its declarations of equality. Experience this powerful musical at the Keegan Theatre in Washington DC.
Pike St.  
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Pike St.
The Lower East Side comes alive in the hands of virtuosic Obie Award-winning actress Nilaja Sun (No Child...), whose new solo show Pike St. centers on a struggling Puerto Rican family living in the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge. With penetrating incisiveness, Sun tells the story of a desperate mother unable to move her stricken daughter down five flights of stairs during an approaching hurricane. As she works to keep the electricity flowing into her daughter's respirator, an entire community of vibrant characters offer their help, giving new meaning to the phrase "it takes a village." Watch in awe as she fully inhabits personas ranging from a decorated war veteran to an octogenarian neighbor in this raw and harrowing one-woman performance at Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, D.C.
Kensington Town Hall Pygmalion
A casual bet between Professor Henry Higgins and a friend sets the snobbish professor on a path that will change his life forever. Higgins bets he can take a grubby Cockney flower girl and transform her into a lady that can fit in at any upper crust party. But Higgins doesn't count on his "creation" having a mind of her own. George Bernard Shaw's most popular play, Pygmalion, is perhaps more widely known as the inspiration for the musical My Fair Lady. This witty tale from the master playwright both delighted and scandalized audiences in 1912, and this fresh interpretation at the Kensington Town Hall remains a great battle-of-the-sexes and social-class comedy.
Ford's Theatre Ragtime
Famous historical characters and a rich score propel Ragtime through a spectacular re-creation of turn-of-the-century New York. Based on E.L. Doctorow's acclaimed novel, this 13-time Tony-nominated musical paints a nostalgic and powerful portrait of three diverse families whose fates become unexpectedly intertwined. With music and lyrics by the Tony Award-winning team of Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, the show boasts a Tony Award-winning book by Terrence McNally and such iconic songs as "Getting Ready Rag," "Wheels of a Dream," "Till We Reach That Day" and "Make Them Hear You." See this unforgettable musical at Ford's Theatre.
The Select (The Sun Also Rises)  
Shakespeare Theatre Company at Lansburgh Theatre The Select (The Sun Also Rises)
A stage littered with liquor bottles and cafe chairs transforms from a Parisian bistro to the banks of the Irati River in Spain. A bar table roars to life and charges a matador. Championed by The New York Times as "a lively riff on Hemingway's first and greatest novel," The Select (The Sun Also Rises)'s innovative staging reimagines the 1926 roman ŕ clef via a fusion of artistic forms. As the story winds its way through France and Spain and lands in the heart of the Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona, Hemingway's narrator carries the heavy burdens of a war injury and his inability to have the woman he desires -- a woman whose romantic escapades he follows with bemused but painful fatalism. Don't miss this genre-defying work by acclaimed theatre ensemble Elevator Repair Service when it takes over D.C.'s Lansburgh Theatre.
Steel Magnolias  
The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater Steel Magnolias
The bittersweet Southern comedy Steel Magnolias takes place in Truvy Jones' beauty salon, where three generations of outspoken Southern women regularly gather to laugh, cry and celebrate the events of their lives. But their world is rocked when M'Lynn's diabetic daughter gets pregnant, which could prove fatal -- and the ladies' inner strength and love for one another is put to the ultimate test. Based on the playwright's own upbringing, the touching and funny play was adapted into a popular film starring Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine and Julia Roberts. Now, this Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater production of Steel Magnolias brings all the camaraderie, humor and poignancy of this enduring show to Hagerstown.
Three Sisters  
Studio Theatre Three Sisters
One of Anton Chekhov's masterworks, Three Sisters is a humorous and affecting tale centering around the once-privileged members of the Prozorov family. After the death of their army general father, three sisters feel constrained by the smallness of life in their provincial Russian town. Attempts to improve their crumbling social status lay bare the larger forces that loom over the entire area. Melodrama turned inside out, Three Sisters is a story of yearning and ordinary life -- where little seems to happen, but all is revealed. See Chekhov's masterpiece at the Studio Theatre - Mead Theatre in Washington, D.C.
1st Stage Theatre Well
In this "solo show with people in it," Kron asks the provocative question: "Do we create our own illness?" The answers she gets are much more complicated than she bargained for as the play spins dangerously out of control into riotously funny and unexpected territory.
What Every Girl Should Know  
Silver Spring Black Box Theater What Every Girl Should Know
In 1914, four teen girls in a New York reformatory discover their sexuality and personal power as they reveal the horrifying events that led each to the same tiny dormitory room. Adopting birth control activist Margaret Sanger as their secret patron saint, they build a communal fantasy life where they travel the world, take lovers at will, and assassinate their enemies. Their fantasy life grows more and more elaborate until objects from their fantasy world start appearing in the real one-including a baby.