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43 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare's Tragedies  
Trinidad Theatre-Logan Fringe Arts Space 43 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare's Tragedies
In honor of 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and just in time for Halloween, Nu Sass Productions is bringing a revamped remount of this Capital Fringe Festival original. New scenes, fights, and drinking games. Same murder, suicide, and pie. Join us for the guts, glory, and stabby bits of Shakespeare’s 43 (and 1/2) best tragic deaths.
43 and 1/2  
Trinidad Theatre-Logan Fringe Arts Space 43 and 1/2
400 years after William Shakespeare's death, Nu Sass Productions offers up 43 and 1/2, a revamped version of a Capital Fringe Festival original. This comedy ticks its way through the 43 (and ½) best tragic deaths depicted in Shakespeare's work. It's a morbid, yet hilarious ode to all the guts, glory and stabby bits the Bard ever committed to paper. The remount -- coming to D.C.'s Logan Fringe Arts Space -- features goofily grim spoofs of the great theatrical murders and suicides, with new scenes, fights and even drinking games.
Angels in America: Millennium Approaches  
Round House Theatre Angels in America: Millennium Approaches
Just in time for election season, Round House Theatre and Olney Theatre Center present the 25th Anniversary production of Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize- and Tony Award-winning masterpiece. Sexuality, religion, and politics collide at the beginning of the AIDS crisis in one of the most celebrated plays of the 20th century. Don’t miss Part I: Millennium Approaches & Part II: Perestroika, presented in rotating repertory.
Bat Boy: The Musical  
Hylton Performing Arts Center Bat Boy: The Musical
Based on the infamous headline in the Weekly World News tabloid -- and hailed as a "giggling cult hit" by The New Yorker -- this hilarious modern musical tells the story of a half-human/half-bat boy by the name of Edgar. Discovered in a West Virginia cave, the local sheriff brings Bat Boy to the home of the local veterinarian, where he's accepted as a member of the family and taught how to act like a "normal" boy. But as the town's cows begin to fall victim to a mysterious plague, mayhem ensues. With its clever production numbers, infectious pop-rock score, surprising twists and a message about acceptance, this frightfully funny spoof is a classic love story with a wicked bite that's part comic book, part horror flick -- and all fun. Catch this Prince William Little Theatre production of Bat Boy: The Musical at the Hylton Performing Arts Center in Washington D.C. area.
Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) Bunnicula
In this adaptation of James Howe's spine-tinglingly fun children's story Bunnicula, the Monroe family brings home a new bunny for a pet. Bunnicula is cute, fluffy and ... fanged? The existing household pets, Harold the dog and Chester the cat, are not pleased with the new addition -- especially when vegetables begin to turn up drained of their color, and they notice that this strange baby rabbit sleeps all day and prowls around his cage all night. Chester thinks his new rival's a vampire, and he'll stop at nothing as he tries to protect the family. Both laughter and suspense ensue as the valiant pets sniff (and sing and dance) their way through the mystery at Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Ultimately, everyone learns that even the unique among us deserve love.
Chocolate Covered Ants  
Anacostia Playhouse Chocolate Covered Ants
Featuring stories and themes seemingly ripped straight from today's most controversial headlines, the intense play Chocolate Covered Ants explores the complex psyche of the modern American black man. Emerging playwright Steven A. Butler Jr.'s fascinating story centers on Dr. Adrienne Taylor, a psychologist and social worker who offers therapy sessions to four very different black men. Her in-depth research reveals the complex makeup of each patient's mental state and their focus on social and physical survival. But it also begins to shape a dramatic conflict that promises to affect both herself and her patients. Equal parts gripping and provocative, Chocolate Covered Ants brings an important discussion and a moving story to D.C.'s Anacostia Playhouse.
Dante's Inferno  
Synetic Theater Dante's Inferno
Sometimes words are not needed. One need only watch as a lost traveler navigates a treacherous journey through the nine circles of hell in search of spiritual redemption and his lost love. This revitalized, wordless version of Synetic's emotionally-charged production promises to be a wicked whirlwind of stunning visuals, hauntingly vivid original music and powerful physicality. Famed for their productions that rely solely on physical expression, Synetic has garnered both praise and awards for their extensive Wordless Shakespeare repertoire. See this newest adaptation of Dante's classic Inferno at Synetic Theater.
A Dream Within A Dream: Madness  
Torpedo Factory Art Center A Dream Within A Dream: Madness
Call it a "nightmare come true," A Dream Within A Dream: Madness is a stunning and surreal theatrical production that invites you into the twisted mind of legendary author and Master of the Macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. Step inside Alexandria's Torpedo Factory Art Center and journey back in time to the year 1849, where you'll find an increasingly disturbed Poe mourning the recent death of his beloved wife Virginia. Teetering on the edge of insanity, the brilliant writer wanders the building, deliriously reciting passages from his most notable works; meanwhile his words come to life all around you, summoning some of his darkest and most unforgettable stories and characters. Full of suspense at every turn, this interactive experience will forever change the way you look at Poe and his eerie tales.
Evil Dead  
Red Branch Theatre Evil Dead
Follow five college friends on a weekend getaway as they accidentally unleash an evil, flesh-eating force. Campy, bloody, hilariously fun and based on the cult classic film series by Sam Raimi.
Freaky Friday  
Signature Theatre Freaky Friday
When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right again before mom’s big wedding. Freaky Friday, a new musical comedy based on the celebrated novel by Mary Rodgers and hit Disney films, is a hilarious, contemporary update of an American classic in which a mother and daughter really see what it is to be a family and experience first-hand each other’s lives, if only for a day. With a score by the Pulitzer Prize-winning composers of Next to Normaland If/Then and a book by Parenthood’s Bridget Carpenter, Freaky Fridayis a delightfully entertaining world premiere musical for anyone with a perfectly imperfect family.
The Gulf  
Signature Theatre The Gulf
Dive into a funny and fierce world premiere comedy that transforms theARK Theatre into a steamy southern waterway. Betty and Kendra waste away a languid summer day fishing on the Alabama Delta. Suddenly, their lazy afternoon turns to chaos when the motor breaks, stranding the two, and their tumultuous relationship, in the Gulf. Director of New Works Joe Calarco (The Flick) helms this provocative contemporary comedy, starring Rachel Zampelli and Maria Rizzo, by the exciting DC playwright Audrey Cefaly (Maytag Virgin).
The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater and Children's Theater Gypsy
There's a reason why iconic actresses like Ethel Merman, Patti Lupone and Bette Midler have all wanted to play the mother of all musical roles. Gypsy is that good. Even The New York Times said it "may be the greatest of all American musicals." Only an epic this grand could capture the real-life Gypsy Rose Lee, the ultimate stage mother, who groomed her two daughters to be vaudeville stars ... only to watch one of them leave it all behind to become a burlesque star. With a book by Arthur Laurents (West Side Story), music by Jule Styne (Funny Girl) and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods), this timeless favorite features crowd-pleasing songs like "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Let Me Entertain You," "Together Wherever We Go," "Some People," "You Gotta Have a Gimmick" and the show-stopping "Rose's Turn." Catch Washington County Playhouse's production of this classic along with a full buffet dinner and dessert for the ultimate dinner-theater experience.
Compass Rose Theater Hamlet
The keystone of Shakespeare’s works, this most famous play of all plays has a thousand times more words written about it than the play itself contains. Compass Rose Theater celebrates the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare by sharing a live production of his most celebrated play. To portray this work, and bring it to life on our stage is an honor and a privilege. Hamlet, aggrieved son and nephew to the new king, seeks to avenge his father’s most certain murder. He must be sure of the crime before he acts; and it is in the struggle of whether to act or to wait that the drama of the play finds its core. Language so beautiful it is heart stopping, a story so compelling that it demands that we witness it live create an unforgettable theatrical experience not to be missed.
Hansel and Gretel  
The Puppet Co. Hansel and Gretel
Adapted from Humperdink's children's opera, full of magic, music and dazzling special effects. The puppets, lights, music and effects, are all operated by Christopher Piper, who also performs all the live vocal characterizations. The production has long been a favorite of children and their parents, and is an excellent introduction to musical story for children.
Harold Night  
Washington Improv Theater at Source Harold Night
Harold Night is WIT's weekly homage to the world-famous longform improv format: the Harold. It all starts with an audience suggestion. From there, WIT’s five Harold teams create unique worlds full of vibrant characters right before your eyes.
Woolly Mammoth Theatre Kiss
A standing double-date quickly becomes a hilarious farce as four friends unburden theirs hearts and reveal their secret passions. But is anything really what it seems to be? An intense, furtive video chat with what might be an exiled author, living on the run while escaping persecution, slowly upends both their world and ours. Can we recover what’s been lost in translation? This U.S. premiere by “Chile’s most acclaimed playwright-director of the last two decades” (LA Times) is a disquieting exploration of the limitations of art in grappling with the suffocating effects of an oppressive regime. Politically charge and emotionally urgent, it dares us to question whether we can truly understand other cultures…because just when we think we get Kiss, it gets us instead.
The Little Foxes  
Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater The Little Foxes
There are people who eat and there are those who get eaten. First in line to be served is Regina Giddens, clawing her way to wealth with her equally calculating brothers. When their plan to control the local cotton mill is thwarted, they'll turn to ever more devious schemes, even as it further divides their family. Starring Emmy winner Marg Helgenberger (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Lillian Hellman's classic tale of greed, betrayal and all the sordid ties that bind takes sibling rivalry to unimaginable heights and reveals how far a ruthless family can bend the rules before they break each other.
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane  
Imagination Stage The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Have you ever loved a special doll or stuffed toy? If you have, this is the story for you! Abilene adores her china rabbit doll, Edward Tulane. But, Edward is spoiled and ungrateful until fate takes him on an emotional roller-coaster of an adventure through the 20th century. He is lost overboard on an ocean liner, fished up by a kindly villager, dumped in a heap of garbage, rescued by a hobo and his dog, turned into a scarecrow, and adopted by a little boy who gives him as a gift to his sickly sister. Little by little, Edward discovers goodness and humility. Inspired by the constellations, he learns to keep an open heart. Kate DiCamillo’s award-winning book translates beautifully to the stage. And, as in all good stories, even our reluctant hero finds a happy ending!
The Miraculous Magical Balloon  
Synetic Theater The Miraculous Magical Balloon
Balloon tells a wonderful story of a traveling actor and his magical trunk of tricks and toys expressed through body and facial masks, pantomime illusions, and unique choreography. Students will discover the art of acting without words, opening the door to their imaginations.
Studio Theatre Motherstruck
As a teenager in Jamaica, Staceyann Chin lived in fear of an unwanted pregnancy. As a lesbian performance poet in Brooklyn in her ever-later 30s, she craves nothing more than a child...only to face twists of love, biology, and health insurance.
The Night Alive  
Quotidian Theatre Company at Writer's Center The Night Alive
"Something bright and beautiful pulses in the shadows of The Night Alive,” wrote New York Times reviewer Ben Brantley about McPherson's most recent play, winner of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award. Brantley praised McPherson's "singular gift for making the ordinary glow with an extra dimension, like a gentle phosphorescence waiting to be coaxed into radiance." The often dark, at times violent, drama about the relationship among five highly imperfect people is also infused with black comedy as these sad souls fumble in the darkness toward the light. Directed by Jack Sbarbori and featuring Grant Cloyd, David Dubov, Chelsea Mayo, Joe Palka, and Matthew Vaky.
night, Mother  
Theater On The Run night, Mother
In the living room of an isolated country house, Jessie asks for her father's revolver and announces her intent to kill herself. She's divorced, her father is dead, her son is a thief, she's unemployed and lives with her mother. While Jessie sets about organizing the house and making lists of things to be looked after, her mother slowly realizes that Jessie is deadly serious. Her desperate helplessness only builds as she watches her child move toward the brink of oblivion. The powerful and staggering Pulitzer-winning drama comes to Theatre on the Run in the Washington, D.C. area.
Reynolds Tavern POE
The Annapolis Shakespeare Company debuts a brand-new show just in time for Halloween, based on the life and stories of the grand master of the macabre, Edgar Allen Poe. In addition to enjoying a three-course prix fixe dinner, you'll witness Poe brought to life in the intimate space of the Reynolds Tavern, courtesy of Broadway actor Brian Keith MacDonald. He'll take you on a haunting journey through the life of this tormented genius, exploring Poe's heart and mind through his work.
POTUS Among Us  
Source POTUS Among Us
Starring improvisers from WIT’s company ensembles, this audience-immersive spectacle lets you pick the candidates and influence the story. But there’s no telling what scandals, spoilers, and shockers will present themselves in a show that promises to be as unpredictable as the 2016 election cycle.
Rameau's Nephew  
Spooky Action Theater Rameau's Nephew
Romeo and Juliet  
Lansburgh Theatre Romeo and Juliet
The most famous love story in the world and one of Shakespeare’s early poetic masterworks, Romeo & Juliet follows two star-crossed lovers from love at first sight to eternal life hereafter. Caught tragically between two feuding families, alike in dignity and in enmity, Shakespeare’s immortal young lovers try to fashion a new world amid the violence of the old, but cataclysmic choices and tragic twists propel them toward a final confrontation with fate. After helming the highly-lauded productions of Kiss Me, Kate and Man of La Mancha, Associate Artistic Director Alan Paul directs his first Shakespeare production at STC—what is sure to be a spectacular, contemporary and heart-rending vision.
Ruthless! The Musical  
ArtSpace Falls Church Ruthless! The Musical
Outer Critics Circle and Drama desk winner, Ruthless! is a campy cult favorite. The beautiful and talented 8-year-old Tina Denmark will do ANYTHING to play the lead in the school play.... ANYTHING! Ruthless!famously spoofs Broadway musicals such as Gypsy and Mame, as well as classic films like The Bad Seed and All About Eve. Ruthless! is a hilarious romp through the world of Broadway, child acting, parenthood, and unbridled ambition.
Sense and Sensibility  
Folger Theatre Sense and Sensibility
Reason and passion collide in Jane Austen’s beloved tale of sisterhood and romance. When sudden financial straits force the Dashwood family to move to a distant cottage, sisters Elinor and Marianne become ensnared in heart-wrenching romances. Directed by Bedlam Theater's Eric Tucker (The Wall Street Journal’s 2014 'Director of the Year'), this all-new production of the critically acclaimed play stars Caroline Sefanie Clay, Jacob Fishel, Maggie McDowell, Jamie Smithson, and Erin Weaver.
Sister Act  
Toby's Dinner Theatre - Columbia Sister Act
A woman hiding in a convent helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she rediscovers her own. Sister Act is the feel-amazing musical comedy based on the smash hit 1992 film that had audiences jumping to their feet! Featuring original music by TONY and 8-time Oscar winner Alan Menken (Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors), this uplifting musical was nominated for 5 TONY Awards including Best Musical. A sparkling tribute to the universal power of friendship, Sister Act is reason to REJOICE!
Stupid F*cking Bird  
Silver Spring Stage Stupid F*cking Bird
Award-winning writer-director Aaron Posner's irreverent, contemporary and very funny remix of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull flies into Silver Spring. Stupid F*cking Bird follows a famous actress whose son, an aspiring theater director, wants to make a name for himself on his own. But when his muse, the lovely Nina, falls for his mother's lover, all kinds of romantic and artistic disappointments ensue. Posner turns the original play's famous subtext into scenes and songs, calling Stupid F*cking Bird "a rough-and-tumble meta-theatrical mash-up." Let yourself become intoxicated by this heady and hilarious mix of ambition, booze and sex at the Silver Spring Stage.
The Trump Card  
Woolly Mammoth Theatre The Trump Card
Returning for a one-week engagement following a sold-out preview, this show breaks down exactly what makes that self-mythologizing, short-fingered vulgarian known as Donald Trump tick. From his earliest days, starting his way in the world with a very small loan of a measly million dollars, to his reign as that most American of archetypes -- a rich man famous purely for being rich -- this show weaves Trump's story alongside the evolution of the American oligarchy and the rise of dark money. More than just a simple dismissal of the professional con artist, this sharp show skewers the entire American Dream, and the many ways in which we've sold it out to worship at a 24-carat altar of "class." Be there for this special limited run of The Trump Card at Wooly Mammoth Theatre.
Twelfth Night  
Annapolis Shakespeare Company's Studio 111 Twelfth Night
Music, merriment and adventure abound in Twelfth Night, Shakespeare's zany, gender-bending comedy of unrequited love and romantic mischief. When twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck and wash ashore in the beautiful but mysterious land of Illyria, they're quickly caught up in a maze of mistaken identity and mismatched passions. Viola falls hopelessly in love with Duke Orsino and disguises herself as a man so she can enter his world. Filled with juicy comedic characters and beloved scoundrels, Twelfth Night features some of Shakespeare's wittiest wordplay. Annapolis Shakespeare Company presents this lively take on the Bard's comic masterpiece at Studio 111.
What We're Up Against  
Keegan Theatre What We're Up Against
A scathing, ferocious comedy about sexism in the workplace by one of today’s most acclaimed and provocative playwrights. Set in a highly competitive architecture firm, WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST takes an explosive look at the complicated battle of the sexes and one woman’s response when she tires of slamming into the glass ceiling.
Flashpoint Witch
known Jacobean tragedy, The Witch of Edmonton, which tells the story of the real persecution of an outsider. Using body and sound as the basis for performance language, Witch summons the damned in our midst, unleashing the demon within each of us.
The Year of Magical Thinking  
Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater The Year of Magical Thinking
There is no way to avoid tragedy, loss or their aftermath. Yet we still hope that when faced with inescapable grief, something miraculous can emerge to ease our pain and guide us back to the joy of life. Few writers have experienced loss so suddenly and profoundly — or chronicled it as beautifully — as Joan Didion. Based on her award-winning memoir, The Year of Magical Thinking follows the iconic American author, portrayed by Kathleen Turner (Mother Courage and Her Children), as she learns to reconcile the natural instincts that drive us to bargain with the universal forces that giveth and taketh away.
Zombie Prom  
Randolph Road Theatre Zombie Prom
What’s a high school prom without the undead? As part of its seventh season, Unexpected Stage Company presents the campy, rollicking musical Zombie Prom, celebrating 20 years since its off-Broadway debut. It’s not all bobby socks and Clearasil for Jonny Warner when he drops the "H" from his name, dives head-long into the town's nuclear reactor, and returns to 1950s high school life as a zombie. Zombie Prom follows the angst-ridden teen love of Jonny and Toffee as they try to navigate the waters of high school during the atomic age.