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  Twelve Angry Men at Keegan Theatre

Twelve Angry Men

Keegan Theatre
1742 Church Street, NW Washington

Twelve Angry Men is the gripping examination of twelve jurors as they deliberate after hearing the arguments in a seemingly open-and-shut case. As prejudices are tested and evidence weighed, the entire jury is forced to look past the show of the courtroom to unearth the shocking truth. Faced with playing the hangmen, these dozen men must first face themselves.

Presented by Keegan Theatre

Thru - Mar 31, 2012

Price: $30-$35

Running Time: 1 hour 35 mins with no intermission

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  Twelve Angry Men Reviews
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City Paper - Somewhat Recommended

"... That kind of willing-to-get-wet dedication, coupled with an attention to detail, says a lot about Keegan’s worthwhile production of Reginald Rose’s classic play, adapted from his 1954 television script. These non-Equity actors can’t be making much money spending the month of March working for a local theater company, but it’s clear they want to be in the jury room, even though the characters they’re playing rather would be elsewhere. Like the Yankees game."
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Rebecca J. Ritzel

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"... There is a reason why Reginald Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men” is a classic. It is so engaging that you may find yourself rooting for certain juror’s as I did. Written in 1954, this story proves that audience’s have been infatuated with trials and their verdict’s long before the infamous O.J. Simpson trial. So get a behind-the-scenes look inside a jury room and see “Twelve Angry Men” before the bailiff is ready to announce it’s next case."
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Mark Beachy

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

n this tight little jewelbox of a play which Keegan Theatre has honed to exquisite perfection, Reginald Rose takes us into the confines of a jury room, to watch twelve men thrash out the guilt or innocence of a nineteen-year-old accused of stabbing his father to death. They are not twelve good men and true but twelve hot and tired men, eager to be done with jury service and back to their jobs, families and entertainments.
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Tim Treanor

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