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  The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs at Woolly Mammoth Theatre

The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs

Woolly Mammoth Theatre
641 D St NW Washington

Following his smash hit monologue, The Last Cargo Cult, Mike Daisey pulls back the curtain veiling America’s most mysterious technology icon. With a wickedly funny tale of pride, beauty, lust, and industrial design, Daisey illuminates the war—from China to Silicon Valley—over how we see our world, and the human price we pay for our high-tech toys.

Thru - Apr 17, 2011

Running Time: 2 hours, with no intermission

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  The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs Reviews
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Washington Post - Recommended

"...Jobs, Daisey tells us, “is so good at making us need things we never knew we wanted.” And this agitated spinner of spoken arias has a gift for stories we didn’t know we needed to hear."
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Peter Marks

Examiner - Highly Recommended

"...In my guilt-ridden quandary, as I filed out, I was handed a sheet of paper labelled “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?” Daisey suggests contacting Steve Jobs and Apple, even supplies Jobs’ e-mail address and Apple’s toll-free customer relations number; contacting other makers like Nokia, Dell, etc.; organizations like China Labor Watch; and talking about this – “Spread the virus.”"
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Marsha Dubrow

MetroWeekly - Highly Recommended

"...Daisey is a captivating minister, intending a revival toward less consumerism, especially in the technology realm. Because, as he explains, our wanton desire for the latest and greatest gadgetry is de-humanizing. It's reducing technology factory workers to parts in a machine, easily discarded and replaced. In fact, it's no great leap to call the situation modern-day slavery."

Doug Rule

WeLoveDC - Highly Recommended

"...To call the show a one-man performance or a monologue doesn’t really give this production justice. This is a live-staged documentary. When you open the program the fine print, “This is a work of nonfiction” makes the stories you hear even more unbelievable. The day after I attended the press performance I spent a good hour fact checking some of more extraordinary tales which include a prank call to the Vatican. Just like a great documentary the show will leave a lasting impression on you. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack saw a performance on the West coast and said, “I will never be the same after seeing that show.”"
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Patrick Pho

BrightestYoungThings - Recommended

"...With The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, monologist Mike Daisey tackles Apple fanboyism and the untold sacrifice it requires. Daisey, a commanding performer, does this not as an outsider who turns his nose up to those who rush  for the latest technology. As someone whose love for Apple wanders into obsession, he’s knee-deep in the company’s latest combination of computing power and intuitive industrial design. His tone changes constantly yet never falters; broad humor and unsettling insight almost occupy the same breath. By its end, Daisey announces how he’s changed the audience’s outlook and I doubt anyone would disagree with his power."
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Alan Zilberman

DCTheatreScene - Highly Recommended

In Mike Daisey’s most complete, most layered, most complex, most uproariously disturbing monologue to date, he goes to the gates of China's Foxcomm factory with us, and talks to workers in sight of the withering gaze of armed guards. He poses as an American businessman, and sits through power-point presentations so that he can later walk the floors of their factories, and see how their employees live and work. He looks into the belly of the beast.
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Tim Treanor

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