Big Apple Circus presents Dream Big

Aug 11, 2011
Dream Big - Big Apple Circus

For its 34th Season the Big Apple Circus dares you to Dream Big! It's an All-New Show, where the World's Greatest Circus artists are presented under an intimate Big Top, and no seat is more than 50 feet from the ring! The Big Apple Circus presents the World Premiere of Dream Big at Dulles Town Center in Dulles, Virginia from Thursday, September 22 through Monday, October 10 (Columbus Day).

Let your imagination soar and summon the most amazing acts - A juggler with a suit to fit his sweet feats of fancy handiwork! A mechanical doll who comes alive in a sinuous balancing act! Spirited horses, frolicsome dogs, and a capybara and porcupine to perk up the sawdust party! Audacious acrobats who astound with athletic grace! Comical conjurors with magical moments of grand illusion! The aerial daring of the trapeze flyers! A singing Ringmistress and the Big Apple Circus Band creating the ringing melodies of memories to last! And Grandma !! Yes, Grandma, apogee of comical aspiration and mirthful joy! Your dreams will inspire a Big Apple Circus of living thrills and marvelous delight - a celebration of the imagination - an astonishing circus world of wonder!

"The Big Apple Circus is YOUR circus, Big Apple is back in town!"

Show Information
Performers from around the globe gather at the Big Apple Circus under the artistic direction of Guillaume Dufresnoy for this 2011-2012 season's show:

* From the US, International Clown Hall of Fame inductee Barry Lubin, and his unforgettable clown Grandma in a farewell tour as star of the Big Apple Circus!
* From Colombia, the astonishingly talented Flying Cortes return to the ring in a breath-taking trapeze routine with startling, soaring leaps and flips!
* From the US and Holland, Scott Nelson and Muriel Brugman make a lovable and mischievous magician and assistant duo, sparking laughter with their hilarious manikin act!
* From Russia, with extreme elegance and pinpoint poise, Anna Volodko mesmerizes audiences as she twists up and falls down the aerial rope!
* From the US, the beautiful Jenny Vidbel presents fiery Arabian horses and playful pooches, with a surprise or two to keep it lively!
* From Russia, the extraordinary Dmitry Chernov enigmatically juggles around the ring in an intriguing and innovative routine!
* From China, the Shandong Acrobats are a spectacularly talented group who surprise audiences with their eleven-man human juggling show!
* From Switzerland, the spellbinding solo hand balancer Melanie Chy captivates the audience with her fantastic flair!
* From the US, the brilliant Jenna Robinson hosts the circus with sweet style and splendid spirit!

Renaud Doucet, who has performed as an actor, solo dancer, ballet master, and choreographer in international dance companies, joins this season's creative team as director and choreographer. Andre Barbe provides the scenic imagination and exquisite costumes, drawing on his experiences at the National Theatre School of Canada. Multi-talented Guy Simard, with over 350 production credits in lighting, as theatre consultant or technical director, returns as lighting designer. Four-time winner of the MAC Award for Technical Direction, JP Perreaux returns to the circus as sound designer. Joining the Big Apple Circus as composer is mathias rüegg, founder of the Vienna Art Orchestra where he wrote over 350 compositions and arrangements. Music Director Rob Slowik leads the Big Apple Circus Band.