Keegan Theatre in DC announces 27th Season

Aug 12, 2023

The Keegan Theatre is set for its 27th season, showcasing 5 primary performances at its cozy, picturesque venue on Church Street in Dupont Circle. This season's lineup features a musical by Sondheim, two comedies making their DC debuts, and two beloved shows returning due to high demand.

Artistic director Susan Marie Rhea shares, "We're taking big swings next season," adding, "we're eager to see how this vibrant lineup will connect with audiences, both new and returning. Keegan is a theater of connection - a place where people gather to have an extraordinary theatrical experience with the artists on stage, the stories being told, and each other - and these connections will be more kinetic than ever next year, in our 27th season."

Get your tickets today! They're available for purchase online and at the Box Office. Enjoy a 25% discount by booking tickets for 4 or more shows simultaneously. Additionally, the theatre is introducing the Young Professionals Package: for just $200, younger attendees can get tickets for all 5 Happy Hour shows throughout the season.

Keegan Theatre's 2023-2024 Season

An Irish Carol at Keegan Theatre

"AN IRISH CAROL" is a tribute to Dickens' timeless tale, but with the unique spin only the Irish can offer. Set in a contemporary Dublin tavern, we witness a single evening in the life of David, a prosperous pub proprietor who has distanced himself from genuine human connection, prioritizing self-preservation and wealth. Yet, on this fateful Christmas Eve, echoes from bygone days, nudges from present company, and the looming specter of a solitary future might just alter David's path for good.

Merrily We Roll Along at Keegan Theatre

The creators of the iconic musical "COMPANY" come together once more, challenging conventional Broadway narratives in this captivating tale about camaraderie, concession, and the steep cost of fame. Stephen Sondheim and George Furth masterfully interweave the vibrant essence of a behind-the-scenes musical with a resonant, modern-day message emphasizing the value of adhering to one's principles.

Webster's Bitch at Keegan Theatre

When Webster's Dictionary's lead editor is caught off-guard using startlingly coarse language, the staff becomes the focal point of a digital storm surrounding gender, taboo, and the modern era of social networking. As the complexities of office dynamics intertwine with aspirations, ethics, and the art of defining words, the evolution of the English language teeters on the edge. A sharp-witted comedy delving into the world of offensive terms and those who delineate them.

The Elephant in the Room at Keegan Theatre

"Priyanka Shetty, the 'One-Woman Wonder', presents THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - a sharp, shadowy comedy about an unconventional Indian metal enthusiast and IT professional turned actress adapting to life in Trump-era America. Priyanka bravely chooses to leave her IT career and her homeland, defying family expectations, to chase her acting dreams in the US. However, reality doesn't always align with our dreams. Experience Priyanka's genuine journey as she transitions from her strong Indian foundations, seeking relatability and a foothold in America. Brace yourself for a hilarious yet emotional rollercoaster through clashing cultures, memorable romances, profound loss, and the raw feelings of not truly fitting in anywhere."

Noises Off at Keegan Theatre

Called ""the funniest farce ever written," NOISES OFF unveils a chaotic ensemble of traveling actors practicing a dud named NOTHING'S ON. The storyline is peppered with doors banging shut, behind-the-scenes drama, and a wayward herring, all adding to this timeless comedy's charm. Keegan's 2010 rendition of NOISES OFF witnessed full houses, and it's making a much-anticipated return in 2024 due to overwhelming fan requests!