Ready to Experience a Revolutionary Musical? 1776 is Coming to the Kennedy Center

Jun 1, 2023
1776 at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC

The beloved Broadway musical, "1776," is coming to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC from June 27th to July 16th, 2022. The musical, with music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and a book by Peter Stone, tells the story of the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, chronicling the efforts of John Adams to persuade his fellow delegates to vote for American independence and sign the document.

The original production premiered on Broadway in 1969, where it received critical acclaim and won three Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The show starred William Daniels as Adams, Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson, and Howard Da Silva as Benjamin Franklin.

Since then, "1776" has been revived numerous times on Broadway and in regional theaters across the country, captivating audiences with its witty dialogue, soaring melodies, and gripping portrayal of the birth of modern America.

Audiences can expect to be transported back to a pivotal moment in American history as the Founding Fathers struggle to unite and declare their independence from Great Britain. Songs like "Sit Down, John" and "Momma Look Sharp" will have their patriotic blood pumping as they witness the birth of a nation. The stage will be set with elaborate costumes and intricate set designs that transport viewers to colonial America. The performance will highlight the conflicts and tensions among the Founding Fathers as they navigated the complex political landscape of their time. Audiences will witness moments of humor, drama, and intrigue as these iconic figures come to life before their eyes.

Despite the passage of time, the messages of freedom and democracy espoused by the Founding Fathers remain just as relevant today as they did over two centuries ago. As the show progresses, viewers will be inspired by the bravery and perseverance of these great men, and will no doubt leave the theater with a renewed sense of patriotism and pride in their country.

Overall, audiences can expect a powerful and moving theatrical experience that honors the legacy of America's Founding Fathers and celebrates the ideals that continue to define our nation. Whether you're a history buff or simply a lover of great theater, this production is sure to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

Tickets for "1776" at the Kennedy Center are on sale now and can be purchased online. Don't miss your chance to experience this unforgettable musical and celebrate the spirit of American independence.