A Couple of Blaguards opens Keegan Theatre's Season

Aug 20, 2012
Church Street Theatre

Keegan's 16th season opens on September 21 with A Couple of Blaguards, featuring actors Robert Leembruggen and Keegan company member Timothy Lynch.

A Couple of Blaguards is a two-man show by literary greats -- and brothers -- Frank McCourt and Malachy McCourt (Angela's Ashes, A Monk Swimming). The play was originally written and performed by Frank and Malachy prior to the publication of any of their novels. A bubbling stew of Irish storytelling, A Couple of Blaguards is flavored with the McCourt's renowned humor and poignant humanity as well as incidental music from the great Irish tradition. Blaguards follows the trials of the young McCourts from their childhood in poverty-stricken Limerick through their journey to Brooklyn, New York, where the young men learned to apply the day-to-day lessons from their hardscrabble Irish past to their new lives in America. A story of immigration, triumph over hardship, and the love among family, A Couple of Blaguards is a delightful and heartwarming introduction to the McCourts beloved storytelling.

"Through funny and moving vignettes, the audience will get a glimpse into Irish life and immigration to America as seen through the McCourts' eyes -- and relayed to us with their remarkably quick wit," says director Colin Smith. "It is fast-paced and fun, but pulls on the heartstrings as well - and the Irish music further enhances both the power of the storytelling and authenticity of the overall experience."

A Couple of Blaguards runs through October 14, 2012. The Keegan Theatre is in its 16th season and is the resident company at Church Street Theater in Dupont Circle.