Keegan Presents the World Premiere of Cuchullain

May 23, 2012

Irish playwright Rosemary Jenkinson brings her unique and potent brand of wit and vocal acrobatics to Keegan Theatre with the world premiere of CUCHULLAIN. Director Abigail Isaac and actor Josh Sticklin, the artistic team of last year's smash hit BASRA BOY, reunite for this one-man show opening on June 9, 2012, at the Church Street Theater.

Meet Aaron, our Belfast hero who can't pay his drug dealer and won't get a soul numbing job - so he dares to take on the welfare state. A modern version of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, CUCHULLAIN is a dark and comic 'street-tripping' ride.

"CUCHULLAIN is another brilliant piece from Rosemary Jenkinson," says director Abigail Isaac. "It's a little darker, a little funnier, and even more relevant than BASRA BOY. Jenkinson's gritty portrait of troubled youth and the welfare state challenges us to consider some uncomfortable questions; it's a thought-provoking play!"