Venus Theatre Announces Punk Rock Mom

Apr 23, 2012
Punk Rock Mom

Punk Rock Mom by Alyson Mead tells the story of Jamie Fontaine (Deb Randall), a former punk rocker and single mother to Joan Olivette (Ann Fraistat). Though she's lost a little eyeliner and a whole lot of black leather along the way, Jamie still has the music. When Joan makes a startling announcement, Jamie has to find her daughter's birth father (Alex Zavistovich) and comes to terms with the fact that she'll be a grandmother soon. What does it mean to age when you don't feel old? And how can you bridge the generation gap when you're the one who needs to grow up?

Venus Theatre director Deb Randall said, "When I read Alyson's script I was struck initially by the reverse role play between mother and daughter. The assumed conservative/liberal flip of the generations was delightful to read. As we work the play we are constantly challenged to explore what it means to truly be maternal and whether it's possible to actually walk away from our own personal history. This is a play that insists on coloring outside of the lines. Staging it is akin to hanging out with the bad kids smoking under the bleachers in High School. It feels youthful, rebellious, and irreverent and in that spirit boldly flips the bird to what middle age means to women in this culture. I think I'm in love."

Punk Rock Mom's domestic explosion of punk rock music and rebellious bliss reaches new levels when a conservative daughter decides to have a child on purpose. Playwright Alyson Mead said, "I was fascinated by the invisible battle lines that get drawn between generations, particularly between mothers and daughters. Combine a role model who's never had boundaries with a kid who wants nothing but, throw in a little sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, and fire up the blender. In my career, I've had the pleasure of working with actors from Susan Sarandon to this ensemble, and I'm thrilled that Deb and her talented cast at Venus are presenting my play's World Premiere."

Punk Rock Mom by Alyson Mead is the second of four brand-new plays in the Venus Theatre 2012 Bold Hope Season. Each play offers a bit of hope or triumph.

Punk Rock Mom is suitable for adults only, and shows that the ferocity of parental love knows no bounds.