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Healing Wars

Healing WarsHaunting, beautiful, and ablaze with human dignity, Healing Wars is a meditation on the meanings and implications of war. Washington's own director/choreographer Liz Lerman has turned to seven score and ten years ago, when our country was in the grip of a war that threatened to tear us all apart. (Some say we are still fighting that war.).... Read More


The Totalitarians

The TotalitariansNobody in the world of Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's The Totalitarians seems all that interested in little things like gender, race, sexuality, party affiliation or class. In Nachtrieb's cynical world, the defining characteristic anyone seems to recognize in anyone else is whether not that person is useful in the eternal, myopic quest for power. Ethics, morals, laws, or the.... Read More


Ordinary Days

Ordinary DaysOrdinary Days captures two loosely intertwined vignettes of young adults in New York City, the first of which tells the story of Warren and Deb. Warren (Samuel Edgerly) is an artistically-minded idealist, less struggling and more expecting to find his place in the big city..... Read More


The Wonderful World of Dissocia

The Wonderful World of DissociaNeilson's The Wonderful World of Dissocia is whimsical, off-kilter, and disturbing in a fantastically honest way. But, most importantly, it's brave. Brave for treading in taboo territory-mental illness, rape-never fearing to use both humor and brutality to goad an audience to think and empathize. Because Dissocia is all in Lisa's head..... Read More



TribesEveryman Theatre's stunning production, directed by Vincent M. Lancisi, goes straight to the heart. Here I thought the whole play was about language and then I see Tribes at Everyman and am gob-smacked by how it is about family, about belonging to something and being understood and included..... Read More


Titus Andronicus

Titus AndronicusThis is not a show for the faint of heart. Seeing what the Fools do with a severed hand, even though we know that it's a rubber prop (albeit a very well-made one, thanks to designer Kristen Pilgrim) is still plenty disturbing - because we know someone had to be sick enough (again, admiringly) to even think of.... Read More


The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

The Last Days of Judas IscariotSometimes, we could all use a little love and understanding - even, perhaps, the man who betrayed Jesus Christ. In Forum Theatre's crackling production of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, a superb cast brings an emotional, modern day spin to Jesus' betrayal and Judas' subsequent trial before a jury of ethereal peers. Director John Vreeke wrings can't-look-away.... Read More


Freud's Last Session

Freud's Last SessionMark St. Germain's story is essentially a play of ideas - a passionate debate about the human soul. But it is more than a dialectic. "What really attracted me was the idea of putting two figures onstage who believed totally opposite things," St. German told DCTS' Deryl Davis in this excellent interview. "The conflict was already there, but.... Read More


A Midsummer Night's Riot

A Midsummer Night's RiotSticklin, who has become a master of the one-actor show, imbues his character with a sort of indomitable brio which allows you to laugh off the most horrifying (and, in some instances, disgusting) incidents. He makes Ross a raconteur, and a bold boy who makes us laugh at danger..... Read More


The Piano Lesson

The Piano LessonRollicking, driving and at times as plaintive as a blues song sung against a starless night, Olney's production of The Piano Lesson by August Wilson plays a melody of feelings you can't get out of your mind..... Read More


Three Men in a Boat

Three Men in a BoatArlington's Synetic Theater, showered with superlatives for its moody goth fantasias and wordless "Silent Shakespeare" series, is tentatively emerging from its comfort zone in concluding its 2013/14 season with a new trick: A chatty adaptation of Victorian humorist Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat (To say nothing of the Dog)..... Read More


Smokey Joe's Cafe

Smokey Joe's CafeA highly stylized, spirited musical revue that shimmies through the (popular and some not-so-popular) songs of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Smokey Joe's Cafe triumphs-from its superb cast down to all the fedoras and a couple of well-placed pairs of saddle shoes. No detail is missed..... Read More


Into the Woods

Into the WoodsIt may seem odd that a musical about a journey through the woods is set in a library, but thanks to an imaginative set by scenic designer Steven Royal and creative directing by Evan Hoffmann, NextStop's staging of Into the Woods is a true delight, losing nothing in its interpretation of Stephen Sondheim's Tony-winning musical..... Read More


Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and SpikeIf you're wondering where your whoops-a-daisy has gone, revive your flagging spirits at Center Stage's springy production of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Christopher Durang's Tony Award-winning Chekhovian chuckler about a modern-day unhappy family living and bickering in Bucks County, Pa..... Read More


Henry IV, Part 2

Henry IV, Part 2Stacy Keach's performance as Falstaff is truly awe inspiring. He must make be a dozen speeches of forty lines or more in Part Two, and they all flow out of his so nonchalantly that you wonder if he's making them up as he goes - talk, talk, talk right past the surface of whatever's happening in front of.... Read More


Two Gentlemen of Verona

Two Gentlemen of VeronaThese are - let's not make any bones about it - superb characterizations, well thought out and beautifully executed. Each character is fully realized, and some of the performances - Young and Coffey stand out in my mind, but your result may vary - are absolutely superb..... Read More


Henry IV, Part I

Henry IV, Part IIn the last act, on the eve of the climactic battle, Falstaff speaks directly to the truth, but not the truth most people see: perhaps I'm not an honorable man, he says, but what's the use of honor anyway? Can it set a broken arm or leg? No. Soothe the grief of a wound? No. Who has honor?.... Read More


Once on This Island

Once on This IslandOnce on this Island, the diverting Caribbean-themed musical running at Olney Theatre Center through May 4, is more than just a pastel-colored stroll through island culture to a calypso beat. Of Calypso there is plenty, and the strong cast delivers the musical's 19 numbers, ranging from upbeat, Broadway-style ensemble pieces to solo ballads, with soul and timing..... Read More


Cinderella: The Remix

Cinderella: The Remix"Change the rules!" the audience of parents and young children shouts. Cinderella proclaims, "I do this in the spirit of woman and girl power." Cinderella: The Remix at Imagination Stage is a children's musical with layers - themes of sexism, racism, and intersectionality (the intersection between different forms of oppression) mixed with a cutting critique of pop culture.... Read More


Two Trains Running

Two Trains RunningIn true August Wilson form, each character in Two Trains Running has a distinct style, function and purpose. Set in 1969, the characters frequent a run-down diner, that might actually offer half its menu on a good day. The rest of the time, the characters gather to get news, coffee, socialize and peer out the window.... Read More


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