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  Beyond Therapy at Bay Theatre Company

Beyond Therapy

Bay Theatre Company
275 West St Annapolis

At its 1981 Broadway opening, Durang’s comedy about a mismatched couple who involve their therapists in their relationship won Rex Reed’s praise as “one of the funniest plays I’ve ever seen.” Laughter roared during Bay Theatre’s first run of this show back in November 2002. We now return for another visit with Bruce and Prudence, a lawyer and a magazine writer, who after placing personal ads meet at a restaurant then retreat to their respective therapists. Bruce’s therapist Charlotte can’t recall names of things or patients, while Prudence’s shrink Stuart once seduced her and wants to resume the affair. Hilarious mayhem ensues!

Thru - Mar 20, 2011

Price: $25-$30

Running Time: 2hrs; 5 mins with 1 intermission

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Baltimore Sun - Highly Recommended

"...Bay Theatre's current production of Christopher Durang's 1981 comedy "Beyond Therapy" is consistently beyond funny, often bordering on hysterical. The show may be humorously nostalgic to many of Bay's original fans, who saw the play when it was the company's first at Truxton Park in November 2002."
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Mary Johnson

Hometown Annapolis - Recommended

"...Luby and Boyer also finessed one of those classic opening-night blunders, in which stagehands forgot to change a flat at the back of the set and blocked access to a filing cabinet needed in the scene. Eventually, the two of them sat there in mid-scene watching the rear wall of the office slide away - getting one of the biggest laughs of the evening. It was unscripted, but it was a very Christopher Durang moment. His point has always been that people are not in control and strange things are bound to happen."
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Gerald Fischman

DramaUrge - Highly Recommended

"...Director Richard Pilcher finds just the right balance for his cartoonish cast of characters who will engage your interest and your empathy as the stakes are continually raised on their desires. Graham Pilato (Bruce) and Mundy Spears (Prudence) play the ISO protagonists, but it is their wacko pair of therapists - the excellent Nigel Reed as the macho but quick-triggered Stuart and the hilarious Janet Luby as the lexically-challenged, all-accepting Charlotte - who will leave you howling (Ms. Luby steals the show). Peter Boyer (Bob) plays the fey odd man out who finds happiness with Alex Vaughan on the wait staff. Outstanding costume design by Beth Terranova channels the extremes of the period from the aging hippie get-up of Charlotte to the Laura Ashley look of Prudence. Everything pops on Ken Sheats set with assists from JoAnn Gidos' delightful props and the lighting of Steven Strawn and son. If the characters seem slight, well, they are just like us, and aren't we funny. The packed house seemed to think so during my visit and you will too, I expect."
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John F. Glass

DCTheatreScene - Highly Recommended

Beyond Therapy is Christopher Durang’s best play, and in Annapolis, the Bay Theatre Company is showing us why. Prudence is alone in a jungle of naked ids, including her lascivious therapist Stuart (Nigel Reed), Bruce, Bruce’s lover Bob (Peter Boyer) and Bruce’s therapist Mrs. Wallace (Janet Luby), whose aphasic loopyness masks a profound hostility to her patients and to…to everyone, really. (She keeps calling her patients “porpoises” and her secretary her “dirigible.”)
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Tim Treanor

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