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  Beckett Trio, Part 2 Reviews
Beckett Trio, Part 2
Beckett Trio, Part 2

Beckett Trio, Part 2
Atlas Performing Arts Center
Thru - May 5, 2019

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Atlas Performing Arts Center

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DCTheatreScene- Somewhat Recommended

"...If we consider Beckett’s plays as a continuum with Endgame being his most accessible and The Lost Ones (the play involving tiny plastic men attempting to escape a pit) at about the midpoint, the three plays which McNamara selected for this production are toward the darker extreme. The requirement of the production — and, ultimately, the director — is to make them clearer and more accessible. Scena did so beautifully with its first Beckett trilogy. Sadly, it has not been as successful here."
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Tim Treanor