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  Working at Keegan Theatre


Keegan Theatre
1742 Church Street, NW Washington

The hopes, dreams, joys and concerns of the average working American are the focus of this unique, extraordinary musical. That the everyday lives of “common” men and women should be so compelling and moving will surprise and inspire anyone who has ever punched a time clock.

Presented by Keegan Theatre

Thru - May 13, 2012

Running Time: 1 hour 30 mins with no intermission

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Washington Post - Recommended

"... Keegan Theatre’s engaging production at Church Street Theater is workmanlike — that’s a compliment, not a condescension. Some in the cast of 14 shine with vocal and dramatic polish, and others are less assured. Under other circumstances, such performance unevenness would be an issue, but this show feels more real because of it."
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Jane Horwitz

Washington Examiner - Recommended

"... The Keegan ensemble is strong under Shirley Serotsky's careful direction. Sherry Berg excels as a high-energy waitress in "It's An Art." Jennifer Richter sensitively outlines life on an assembly line in "Millwork." Tia-Cherie Dolet makes it clear she needs a better life for her daughter in "Cleanin' Women." RaMond Thomas and Priscilla Cuellar incisively witness social imbalance, singing of the jobs they do because no one else will do them."
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Barbara Mackay

Washingtonian - Recommended

"... Keegan has assembled several strong singers for Working--such as Priscilla Cuellar, whose powerful pipes are showcased in multiple numbers--as well some sympathetic actors; Mick Tinder gives a pitiable take on lonely retirement as the fading widower Joe. Mike Kozemchak has one of the show's weaker voices but brings a grounded presence to roles ranging from a Verizon customer service agent to an iron worker, while Jane Petkofsky struggles with the vocal demands of "Nobody Tells Me How," the song of a teacher, Rose Hoffman, whose tough-love methods are out of date. Hoffman may be out of place in the 21st-century workplace, but decades after it originated, Working still has something to say."
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Missy Frederick

DC Metro Theater Arts - Highly Recommended

"...The Keegan Theatre’s Working – A Musical is a heartfelt production with a hard-working talented cast. It offers audiences a great opportunity to see this rarely produced – yet original – and timely piece of musical theatre."
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Doug Poms

MD Theatre Guide - Recommended

"... I do recommend you see Working at The Keegan Theatre for a number of reasons. The show has a wonderful score and two knockout performances by Ghandchilar and Cuellar. If the cast settles down with the pacing and trusts what Serotsky has given them, this could be a very good representation of a very underappreciated work of the musical theatre."
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Elliot Lanes

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

The production unfolds like a theatrical stream of consciousness, following a random assortment of characters through their daily routines without much to link them together beyond a loose through line of shared struggle. As one might expect with a production about working 9 to 5, many of the characters express familiar frustrations relating to workplace dynamics, deferred dreams, family drama, and classism.
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Ben Demers

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