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  Blood Wedding at Source

Blood Wedding

1835 14th Street, NW Washington

Lovers are torn apart as two families in rural Spain are intricately bound in an unbreakable cycle of murder and revenge. Experience passion and violence mixed with song and ceremony. Federico García Lorca illuminates our deepest desires with gorgeous poetic imagery and the haunting appearance of a human Moon.

Presented by Constellation Theatre

Thru - Mar 4, 2012

Running Time: 1 hour,40 mins with no intermission

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  Blood Wedding Reviews
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  • Not Recommended

Washington Post - Not Recommended

"...The rest of the performances don’t convince, and it’s especially difficult to overcome the miscasting of Deidra LaWan Starnes in the pivotal role of the Mother. Starnes is a supple, powerful actor, but she’s far too young for the part. Her put-on stiffness is a distraction that undercuts the potential spell of the piece."
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Nelson Pressley

Examiner - Highly Recommended

"...As they so often do, Constellation Theatre makes excellent use of their small space. Music interludes allow them to change scenes and revolving doors turn to indicate new spaces and they cleverly invoke a forest without using a single tree. Plus the actors--especially Deidra LaWan Starnes, Mia Branco and Julie Garner (making their Constellation Theatre debuts as Mother, Girl and Servant)--keep you hooked."
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Jada Bradley

MetroWeekly - Somewhat Recommended

"... Maybe part of the problem is that Myers plays Leonardo as unsympathetically as possible. He's a man consumed by passion and rage, with no shade of tenderness, not even toward the woman he loves, the Bride. It makes it too hard for us to believe the Bride is actually in love with him -- why would anyone love this monster? And the fact that Reinsel puts up such a fight complicates things further."

Doug Rule

WeLoveDC - Somewhat Recommended

"...Constellation is normally very much at home in the realm of Surrealist drama and epic theater, however, this production can’t seem to find a cohesive vocal or physical style for Lorca’s poetic dance of death. The result is a lot of discordant emotive vocality that threatens to overwhelm the action and the poetry, even while director Shirley Serotsky presents us with some eerily beautiful tableaux by a talented ensemble."
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Jenn Larsen

BrightestYoungThings - Somewhat Recommended

"...Amid Contellation Theatre's production of Fredrico García Lorca's classic Blood Wedding, it's easy to see that Lorca was a man that exalted poetry, music, and gravitated towards idealism over quotidian drama. Like Hamlet or Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal, Blood Wedding shares a queasy fascination with death, employing stylistic flourishes that indulge in macabre surrealism. However, its focus on existentialism obscures the chance for a well rounded story."
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Logan Donaldson

MD Theatre Guide - Recommended

"... Overall, this play is a difficult piece. Constellation should be commended for taking on the challenge of presenting it. I recommend this production for some fine performances, its physical production concept, and for introducing American audiences to Lorca’s powerful story of love and loss."
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Jennifer Perry

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

When the lights come up, Death, impersonated by an ominous, stone-faced Matthew Pauli, stands center stage, softly playing a ukulele. Death, who is biding his time, often grinning, even leering, stalks with a cane through just about every scene and takes delight in lovers’ quarrels and family friction.
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Rosalind Lacy

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