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  Macbeth at Synetic Theater


Synetic Theater
1800 S. Bell Street Arlington

One of the most successful Synetic productions of all time, Macbeth returns with its dark tale of ambition, bloodlust and the supernatural. In 2008, Macbeth was the recipient of five Helen Hayes Awards after being nominated for 11. Set in a dark, impressionistic, military world, Macbeth is a swirl of murder, madness and self-destruction, exploring the outsized ambitions of a husband and wife.

Thru - Oct 2, 2011

Price: $45-$55

Box Office: 800-494-8497

  Macbeth Reviews
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Washington Post - Recommended

"...The show boasts a little humor: When courtiers wearing metallic masks prepare for, and consume, a banquet, their movements are jerky and robotic, as if tyranny had turned them into automatons. But what this “Macbeth” conveys overall — particularly with its choreographic approach, rich in circling movements — is a vision of one grim action gliding irresistibly into the next, as if the saga were a bleak dance that the dancers cannot leave. That sense of inexorable flow is, of course, the essence of tragedy."
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Celia Wren

Washington Examiner - Recommended

"...With his accustomed quirky brilliance, director Paata Tsikurishvili has produced an energized and rich re-creation of Shakespeare's story. He creates unforgettable moments: the "haunted" banquet scene, the killing of Duncan, the transfer of power to Macbeth. And, if you look carefully, you can see in this Synetic "Macbeth" details you might never see in a conventional Shakespearean production."
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Barbara Mackay

WeLoveDC - Recommended

"...Macbeth also does succeed, especially when it showcases Synetic’s ability to mix in comedy in a rather startling way – as when the ghost of Banquo (Ryan Sellers) appears at a chillingly hilarious banquet populated by robotic guests, while Lady Macbeth nonchalantly smokes, like a majestic Dietrich in a cowboy saloon. When the witches mime Macbeth’s invincibility to “no man of woman born” with the grotesque leers of nightmare midwives, it has the punch of a sick joke."
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Jenn Larsen

MD Theatre Guide - Highly Recommended

"...The multiple Helen Hayes Award-winning troupe has developed a highly stylized, viscerally thrilling brand of physical theater that brings together elements of dance, mime, physical comedy, acrobatics, and fight choreography. Synetic’s Shakespeare may be wordless, but it is not text-less, and the ensemble’s remarkable technical virtuosity serves not only to tell the basic narratives but also to express subtleties of characterization and the deeper subtexts of the plays."
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Simon Chin

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