Brave Spirits Theater to Present Henri IV

Oct 8, 2015
Henri IV

Brave Spirits Theater, the Washington DC Metropolitan area's premiere producer of little-known early modern plays, is proud to announce an (almost) entirely re-gendered production of both parts of Shakespeare's classic coming-of-age saga, Henry the Fourth.

In Part One, Queen Henri has a problem -- she faces rebellion from the north, from the Countess of Northumberland and her daughter, Hotspur; and in the west the "wild and irregular" Glendower plots her own insurrection. Civil war is on the horizon, and Henri's tenuous claim to the throne is threatened -- but that's nothing compared to her problems at home. Hallie, Henri's eldest daughter and heir, is less interested in affairs of state than in carousing around the seedy London neighborhood of Eastcheap with her friend, Jill Falstaff. Part One culminates in an epic battle between the Henri's forces and the rebels.

In Part Two, military drama takes a backseat to the issues of the family. As Henri nears death, she worries about Hallie's ability to lead the nation she is leaving behind. Falstaff's comic exploits in the Gloucester countryside lighten the mood, and the play ends on a bittersweet note as the young Hallie comes into her own as Henri V.

Besides gender-flipping the characters and performing the two plays with a cast of ten women and two men, Brave Spirits has assembled a production and design team that is 80% comprised of female artists.

Performances will take place October 29th - November 22nd at the Lab at Convergence at 1819 N. Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302. Tickets are $20 each, or you can see both parts for $30. Tickets can be bought the door or at