Maryland Ensemble Theatre presents I Am (Not) My Mother

Jun 28, 2013
Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) is proud to present I Am (Not) My Mother, based on true stories from and about the women of Frederick. Written by Suzanne Beal and directed by MET Associate Artistic Director Gene Fouche the show made its World Premiere on the MET stage last July to extremely positive reviews and audience response. DC Metro Theatre Arts gave the original production four stars and Charlie Smith emplored, "everyone go now", in his review for Want2Dish. Since the World Premiere last year the show has received new productions in Baltimore and in Philadelphia (Society Hill Playhouse). Given the tremendously positive response the play has received the Maryland Ensemble Theatre is bringing the show back for a limited run, July 12 through 21 at MET.

Mothers. Everyone has one and whether our mother is our confidante and our best friend and/or our most difficult relationship, feelings about mothers are profound and complex. This production is part anthropology, part confessional and part love story, as daughters reveal their intimate stories about the most important women in their lives - their mothers.

To gather material for the script, Dr. Beal conducted story circles and transcribed the results. Women of diverse ages, backgrounds and ethnicities came together in groups of six to eight to tell their stories. Says Beal, "I collected stories from more than 80 women all over Frederick County, from the Record Street Home to a group of sixth grade girls. The relationship between mothers and daughters is so powerful. But the stories we see so often depict the Monster Mom or the Angel Mom. I wanted to hear from ordinary women - to explore the good and bad, the funny and sad." In addition to the stories, the production features original songs performed by local singer/songwriter, Jessica Bowers. "The music added so much to the emotional quality of the piece, " Beal says.

Suzanne Beal received her Ph.D. in English from the University of MD, with a specialty in modern American drama. In 2010 she retired as the Vice President of Learning at Frederick Community College and is currently a professor of English at FCC and teaches theater history at Hood College. Recently, she wrote and directed "Passion and Perseverance: Nobel Women in Science", and has directed numerous productions in the DC-Baltimore area including at the MET. Gene Fouche is a founding member of the Maryland Ensemble Theatre and has directed and acted in dozens of MET productions and is also a faculty member in the theatre department at McDaniel College.

Four of the original cast members are returning for the new production including Jeanine Collins, Julie Herber, Lia Seltzer and Lynnette Franklin. MET ensemble member Caitlyn Joy will be the sole newcomer to the cast.