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Studio Theatre
1501 14th St. NW Washington

A new show about postcards and hair pins and a certificate from Harry Ramsden's in Blackpool. About how long it takes to stop noticing where you are. About the compromise of a full life and the burden of a full heart and how it's impossible to know where looking back will lead. About the task of being who we are without denying who we've been. About the importance of regret and the possibility of hope and the delusional idea of starting again. About all the books I've never read and all the jam I've ever eaten and the bags of torn tickets and the drawers of empty pens and the inevitable sadness of ever holding on to anything. Written and performed by Daniel Kitson.

Thru - Dec 1, 2019

Box Office: 202-332-3300

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DC Metro Theater Arts - Recommended

"...The audience was highly amused and went out into the chilly night laughing and talking. He will especially appeal to those who enjoy slightly racier versions of playwright Alan Bennett’s BBC monologues. Kitson’s cult popularity in Britain is well-deserved, and although the pace of the evening varies, he draws us back in again and again to his small, full world."
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Sophia Howes

DCTheatreScene - Highly Recommended

"...The music of the work is like listening to Glenn Gould play Bach. You’re almost waiting for him to go off the rails, but nonetheless you’re entranced. And Kitson throws it in our faces, reminding us that this is not bad coming from someone who stammers. Yes, and the stammering is also part of the music, a note repeated and executed so fast it’s titillating, as we wait for the resolution."
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Susan Galbraith

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