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  Bloomsday at Undercroft Theatre


Undercroft Theatre
900 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington

A young couple meet on a walking tour of James Joyce's Dublin, but a misunderstanding keeps them apart. Thirty-five years later, they return to retrace their steps and confront their younger selves about the missed opportunity. The area premiere of this time-bending romance. Starring Megan Anderson as Cait, Steven Carpenter as Robert, Danielle Scott as Caithleen and Josh Adams as Robbie. Directed by Kasi Campbell.

Thru - Feb 16, 2020

Thursdays: 7:30pm
Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 2:30pm & 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:30pm

  Bloomsday Reviews
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BroadwayWorld - Highly Recommended

"..."Bloomsday" has an unexpected emotional punch that seems perfectly designed to land squarely on the Stage Guild crowd. That it also has a glancing connection to literary history is frosting on an already agreeable Irish tea cake."
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Roger Catlin

DC Metro Theater Arts - Highly Recommended

"...Washington Stage Guild's Bloomsday is a flower of a production. One to gaze at, listen to, and revel in, enjoying the power of words, terrific acting, connections, and confessions."
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David Siegel

MD Theatre Guide - Recommended

"..."Bloomsday," by Steven Dietz, is a lovely exploration of these questions. The play also skitters across other topics such as expectations, mental illness, and how much do we owe the older generations."
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Mary Ann Johnson

DCTheatreScene - Recommended

"...The ensemble shines with well-balanced performances. Steven Carpenter exudes cynical charm as the English professor who actually teaches yet despises Ulysses, which he describes as an "overpraised, underread piece of doggerel." Megan Anderson as Cait is more accepting of her fate, resigned but still showing underlying regret."
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Steven McKnight

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