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  List Of Children's Shows Now Playing
Cinderella: the Remix  
Imagination Stage Cinderella: the Remix
Cinderella lives in the basement of her Step Mama's house, mixing beats and dreaming of being a DJ. But in Hip-Hop Hollywood, girls are not allowed to DJ and "frontin'" is a crime. When the super-famous J-Prince announces auditions for his "Jam," Cinderella disguises herself as a boy to get the gig. With some help from her Fairy Godmother Hope-rah, Cinderella DJs the Jam (at least until midnight)! Will she ever be allowed to spin as her true self? Or will Cinderella be convicted of frontin' and sentenced to solitary confinement with only the music of Kenny G. for company?
Hansel and Gretel  
The Puppet Co. Hansel and Gretel
Humperdink's children's opera, full of magic, music and dazzling special effects. The production has long been a favorite of children and their parents, and is an excellent introduction to musical story for children. "Hansel and Gretel" will get brand new scenery this year.
The Jungle Book  
Adventure Theatre MTC The Jungle Book
Orphaned in the jungle as an infant and adopted by a wolf pack, young Mowgli, the man-cub is taught the Laws of the Jungle by Baloo, the bear and Bagheera, the panther. As Mowgli discovers himself and his place as a human, the jungle's greatest menace, Shere Khan, the Bengal Tiger prepares to finish the kill he abandoned years ago.
Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet  
Flashpoint Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet
Pointless Theatre presents their adaptation of Tchaikovsky's iconic ballet with a reimagining of their very first production, Sleeping Beauty: A Puppet Ballet. This highly visual spectacle features Pointless' distinctive blend of dance, pantomime and puppetry, and weaves a fantastical tale of the extremes of love. Sleeping Beauty premiered as part of the 2010 Capital Fringe Festival and was voted "Pick of the Fringe: Best Experimental Show.
  List Of Children's Shows Coming Soon
The BFG Opens Jun 25  
Imagination Stage The BFG
Little orphan Sophie can't sleep. When she peeks out the window, she is surprised to see a giant. He's surprised to see her too and whisks Sophie away to his home in Giant Country. But this is no ordinary giant; Sophie's giant is the world's only friendly giant. He operates in the strictest of secrecy to bring good dreams to the human world. Other giants steal and have a nasty habit of eating children! To save the children of England, Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant (BFG) embark on a magical journey to Buckingham Palace.
Mouse on the Move Opens Jun 28  
Imagination Stage Mouse on the Move
In the play, Nellie and Amelia are two adventurous mice ready to explore the world beyond their little mouse-hole. They decide to go to the moon, since it is cat-free and made entirely of delicious, mouth-watering cheese. Like many of Imagination Stage's shows for this age group, the performance will be a multi-sensory experience and children are given a small suitcase of props with which they help the actors tell the story.